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Add your category scheme below! Let's discuss the different category schemes on CategorySchemesTalk.

The NuPedia category scheme

This is one way to carve up the world, not the only way.


PhiloSophy -- MathematicsAndStatistics


PhysIcs -- ChemIstry? -- BiologicalSciences -- BioChemistry -- MolecularBiology? -- BotAny? -- ZooLogy? -- EarthSciences? -- AstroNomy
see also ScienCe


AnthropOlogy? -- ArchaeOlogy? -- PsychOlogy? -- LinguisticS & LanguagEs -- SociOlogy? -- PoLitics -- EconOmics? -- HiStory? -- HistoryOfScienceAndTechnology? -- GeoGraphy? (see CountriesOfTheWorld and UnitedStates) -- AnomalousPhenomena?


HealthSciences? -- FamilyAndConsumerScience? -- TheLaw -- PublicAffairs? -- BusinessAndIndustry -- AgriculturalScience? -- EduCation -- EngineerIng -- ArchitecturE -- TransporT -- CommunicAtion? -- ComputinG -- LibraryAndInformationScience? --
see also TechnologY


ClassIcs? -- CriticalTheory? -- LiteraryArt -- VisualArtsAndDesign -- PaintIng -- SculpTure? -- MuSic -- PerformingArts? -- TheaterAndDrama? -- DanCe -- MuSic -- FiLm -- ReLigion -- ReCreation -- SportS -- GameS? -- HobbieS? -- TourIsm?
see also ArtsandEntertainment




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BryceHarrington's three-part category scheme, attributed to Jefferson:

Not my scheme... I found this while perusing the Library of Congress website: http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/treasures/

Thomas Jefferson, whose personal library became the core of the Library of Congress, arranged his books into three types of knowledge, corresponding to Francis Bacon's three faculties of the mind: Memory (History), Reason (Philosophy), and Imagination (Fine Arts).

I'm not married to this particular scheme, but thought it'd be fun to use as an intermediary step as we grow. (Btw, thanks for not just deleting this scheme suggestion; it took some time to research and implement it.)

(The following is taken from CategorySchemesTalk. I didn't notice who posted it.) Off the top of my head, I would propose a different system:

Understanding the way the world works - PhiloSophy, MathematicsAndStatistics, NaturalSciences
Understanding what's actually in it - BiologicalSciences? (?), HiStory?, GeoGraphy?
Making stuff for practical use - TechnologY
Making stuff for its own ends - ArtsAndEntertainment?

This one was mine. Is what you did on the HomePage based on this, Larry? -- JoshuaGrosse

It's sort of a combination of the Nupedia scheme (see the top of this page) and yours--the only difference between the two schemes, perhaps, is that "Foundational Disciplines" and "Natural Sciences" are mashed together. -- LarrySanger

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