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Ok, HCI students, this is our little sandbox for exploring SelfOrganizingWeb pages inspired by Bush's AsWeMayThink article.

Your assignment is to add some interesting stuff to this site in a rather anarchic way!! Bonus points if you figure out how to add images, links to outside sites and pretty formatting.

What do you think about putting copies of the GeekSpeak presentations here for the world to see (and maybe add to or delete 8^)

GeekSpeak (articles to follow)

Answer to questions

Bush was a visionary computer guy who is no longer alive, not the president (who is really more of a shrub!). GeekSpeak is a term for presentations describing computer related terms given in a [class at LewisAndClarkCollege] called Human Computer Interaction.

Here are some interesting links contributed by members of the class. Please add your own as you find them!

[Alexa'sPageOfWonder] Okay, so it's not that exciting, but I put a lot into it. :)

[LewisAndClarkCollegeTheatre] Find out all about upcoming plays and events at Lewis & Clark!

[StoryPeople] A beautiful site with amazingly creative, very short stories by Brian Andreas.

Please don't place flashing pictures in the encyclopedia. We humans evolved where motion could signal a predator, so when a human's eye sees something jump, the human's brain cannot give its complete attention to anything else on the page. Flashing pictures interfere with reading and learning. [Adam Reed]

Adam I have to agree with you 100%. There is nothing more annoying than FlashingBanners? while trying to read a page. [WcGing]

This is one of the most interesting things that i have ever seen on the web. In fact when i go home today i think i will attempt to host a page of similar design. |S|c|a|r|e|

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