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Religion in general: GoD -- NamesGivenToTheDivine -- PhilosophyOfReligion

Particular religions: ChristianIty -- IsLam -- JudaIsm? -- ShinTo? -- BuddhIsm -- ShamanIsm? -- JainIsm? -- HinduIsm? -- ScientologY

Religious books: TheBible -- TheKoran -- TheTorah? -- BhagavadGita? -- TheUpanishads? -- TheVedas? -- PaliCanon? -- TheBookofMormon?

You're very welcome to contribute all manner of information about the above and other religious topics; you may also edit the above topics. Or you could add some general remarks about religion to this page. For example, you could discuss definitions of the word "religion" here.

Other notable online sources for religious information include:

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