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Write a bit of information about your favorite countries. Doesn't have to be a complete encyclopedia entry at this stage!
I am going through here in my spare time and adding information from the CIAWorldFactBook?, which is PublicDomain?. But I hope that people will get rid of these entries, which are kind of dull, and write better ones. (Or adapt them and render them into brilliant prose.--LS) Someone wrote an entry on NewZealand which I like very much. --JimboWales
I am attempting to follow the brilliant suggestions on the NamingConventions page. So I am reorganizing this area. But please feel free to add stuff.
 CountriesA  CountriesJ  CountriesS
 CountriesB  CountriesK  CountriesT
 CountriesC  CountriesL  CountriesU
 CountriesD  CountriesM  CountriesV?
 CountriesE  CountriesN  CountriesW?
 CountriesF  CountriesO  CountriesX?
 CountriesG  CountriesP  CountriesY?
 CountriesH  CountriesQ  CountriesZ
 CountriesI  CountriesR

The world is usually considered divided into seven contintents: EuropE, AsiA?, AfricA?, OceaniA?, NorthAmerica?, SouthAmerica? and AntarcticA? (though the last has no countries).

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