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LinguisticS is the study of LanguagE with a capital "L." LinguisticS views LanguagE as a means of communication and studies how particular languages accomplish this.

DescriptiveLinguistics? is divided into a number of fields.

LinguisticS is also studied with other disciplines, thus:


We are going to have a problem here. On the LanguagE page, languages are being categorized by thier origin. This entry, SouthEastAsianLanguages, is a classification by geographical area. Both are possible and should be on separate pages. I am not at all sure this entry belongs directly on the LinguistcS? page. Perhaps a LanguagesByGeography? page should be added to the LanguagE page?

Do you think it's necessary to separate out geography of languages like that? As far as national languages go, there's nothing wrong with just linking to them from the appropriate country pages. I think what we probably need is some higher level geographical categories, like SouthEastAsia?, which can handle languages, countries, and a lot more besides.

I was just suggesting some way to separate out language families by origin and by geography. I am not wedded to any particular scheme. I wouldn't want readers to assume that SouthEastAsianLanguages are necessarily similar. Also, eventually, casual language descriptions of a particular language shoud be separated from Linguistic analysis of particular languages, I should think. Assuming the content appears...:-).

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