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Tomasz A. Wegrzanowski. Wikipedian from Dolny Slask, Poland. As you can see from list below, I write most about Biology/Chemistry, Poland, Manga/Anime and Free software. I also write about Neutral point of view.

I also contribute to Polish wikipedia. See [[my page on Polish wikipedia]].

Articles started by me:

  1. 1410
  2. Acetylene (translation from Polish wikipedia)
  3. Algorithms on Wikipedia
  4. Alkene (translation from Polish wikipedia)
  5. Alkyne (translation from Polish wikipedia)
  6. Allene (translation from Polish wikipedia)
  7. Action Against Hunger
  8. Audio codecs
  9. Audio compression
  10. Audio file format
  11. Balfour Declaration 1917
  12. Battle of Grunwald
  13. Berkeley DB
  14. Caffeine
  15. Chojnow
  16. Cola
  17. Color blindness
  18. Console emulator
  19. Cryptographers
  20. Debian GNU Hurd
  21. Diene (translation from Polish wikipedia)
  22. Doctors Without Borders
  23. Dolnoslaskie
  24. Drug Mix (Probably should be merged with Drug)
  25. ELIZA (imported from FOLDOC)
  26. ELIZA effect (imported from FOLDOC)
  27. Endosymbiont (I'll have to check this article again)
  28. Freeciv
  29. Glycine
  30. Gtk
  31. History of Poland -- The Second Republic 1918-1939
  32. Instytut Pamieci Narodowej
  33. Internet in Art
  34. Interpreter (imported from FOLDOC)
  35. Just another Perl hacker (imported from FOLDOC)
  36. Kutia
  37. Legnica
  38. List of algorithms (was made by me as part of Algorithms on Wikipedia, splitted later by somebody else)
  39. Love parade
  40. Maciej Plazynski
  41. Memetics
  42. Most controversial subjects in wikipedia
  43. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  44. Operator overloading
  45. Obfuscated code
  46. PCX
  47. Platforma Obywatelska
  48. Poland/Media
  49. Poland/Music
  50. Poland/Politicians
  51. Political parties of the world (I put this into Politics, splitted into independent article by somebody else)
  52. Psychoacoustics
  53. PV of a Science or Nature editor
  54. Reverse transcriptase
  55. Riboflavin
  56. Richard Dawkins
  57. RIPEMD-160
  58. Rosol
  59. Sailor Moon
  60. Secure coding practice
  61. Security through obscurity (imported from FOLDOC)
  62. Sejm
  63. Social class
  64. Sociobiology
  65. Steelman language requirements
  66. Syntactic sugar (imported from FOLDOC)
  67. Szlachta
  68. The GIMP
  69. The International Obfuscated C Code Contest
  70. The Vision of Escaflowne
  71. Thiamin
  72. TLA
  73. Urea cycle
  74. Video file formats
  75. Waterfall Model (imported from FOLDOC)
  76. Wikipediholic/Are you wikipediholic test
  77. Words that should not be used in wikipedia articles
  78. Wroclaw

I also added images to following articles (I made most of these images for Polish wikipedia, they are public domain):

Of course starting articles isn't main form of contribution on Wikipedia.

Rules I proposed:

I'm generally for Scentific Point of View, which sometimes, but not very often, is in comflict with Strictly Neutral Point of View.

I'm also very annoyed by links like this: [ [ X ] ] s, and I often change them to correct [ [ X | Xs ] ].

The Proposal

Immediately before replying to emotional subject, one should make useful neutral contribution to wikipedia, like starting or editing an article

It's impossible and useless to stop people from emotional discussions.

I think that human emotions should be exploited by such informal standard. It may also temperate discussion, as people won't reply immediately after they got angry.

I hereby promise to more or less satisfy this Proposal, even if I were the only one who do it.

If you want to thank Taw for some contribution?

Well, that certainly wasn't my idea. Anyway Little guru wanted to thank me for my contribution to Fundamental dimensions article. If someone else also wants to thank me, do it here. But again, it wasn't my idea.


Czesc Tomaszu, mam wrazenia ze znam skads Twoje nazwisko. Nie brales kiedys czynnego udzialu pryz rozwijaniu freeciva? szopen

Taw -- liked your request to H.J. Have a suggestion, though. In areas where the name may have changed over time due to changes in sovereignty, maybe it's all right to use both names. My suggestion is to have the current article under the current name, but have older alternatives linked, e.g.Thorn = Torun (in the right wiki way). But the article itself should use the names that English-speakers used for whatever period, whether Latin, German, Polish, or something else. It would be feasible to change names in the article, and even be a way to make good transitions in a city's (or whatever's) history.

Could you please: work in open (not use minor edits) explain why you remove information stop using unneccessary German names, like Ermland and Domherr stop using name Prussia outside of historical context (there is no such thing nowadays) --Taw
To Taw

I used a lot of time on articles . There were many debates back and forth and I brought proof every time. You are altering a number of these articles to the point , that now they do not make any sence.

Any of these place names have been changed to Polish language AFTER 1945, when these lands were illegally taken over by Stalin.

Using Polish names for the place names for events BEFORE 1945 seems to me like deliberate misrepresentation.

I suggest, that you keep the correct place names as they were used until 1945. You can write the Polish version in the Polish wikipedia.

I suggest that you do not change the English language wikipedia to Polish place names.

Thanks H. Jonat

/Historical terminology for Central and Eastern Europe

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