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Software Engineer, father of two. Interested in philosophy, science, pizza, music, children, and world peace -- not necessarily in that order.

Stubs I started (which then blossomed due to others) include:

Bible stories

Among my contributions are:

Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, deprogramming,
sexual orientation

I have mucked around with:

Evolution, Falsifiability, Intelligent Design, Creationism,

I love science but am only a /layman?.

Articles I'm trying to write or edit:

Wikipedia standards on the origin of life

I try to remove "bias" from Wikipedia articles on controversies dear to me, but I recognize that what I call "bias" may merely be ideas I misunderstand. I may in some cases also fail to distinguish between personal belief and documented fact, whether through wishful thinking or sheer sloppiness. Feel free to set me straight at any time. When I feel I've absorbed the lesson, I'll add it to my /Learning page.

I respond to praise, reason, and pizza -- not necessarily in that order!!

Hi Ed, I just wanted to say welcome to Wikipedia, and tell you not to be discouraged by criticism of your contributions; its par for the course around here. You don't seem to be taking it personally though, and that will take you far around here. :) --STG


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