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Comment on the WikiPedia process here. Your opinions are solicited on all manner of policy questions. Or, if you simply want to raise a policy issue, raise it here.
Policy issues that have their own pages

Unclassified, random, but interesting WikiPediaProcess discussion:

The NirvanA page included two entries, one for the band NirvanA and one for the BuddhisT? concept of NirvanA. I created two new pages, one for each entry, and on the NirvanA page linked to both with a brief description of the contents of each page. Because there are countless cases where we will have this problem (AlabamA? is a state and a band, PaulSimon? is a singer and a Senator from IllinoiS?, et cetera ad infinitum) some solution will be necessary. WikiPedians can check out my solution and comment.

One fun way to WikiOff is to hit the RandomPage link, then search whatever page comes up for a topic that hasn't been edited yet. Then you add something for that topic.
Let's post links to PublicDomainResources (for both images and text)!
I would guess that the policy is that the contents is licensed by the GNUFreeDocumentationLicense. Since I think that this information is important I will boldly add that to the HomePage. --LinusTolke

You were very right to do so. I am astonished that no one thought to do so before now. -- LarrySanger

Q. For the Math articles there is a crying need to have more symbols, like the Greek alphabet, Integral and Summation symbols, infinity, and more, as well as the capability to show graphs, depict figures, and much more. Are there any tools to do this, other than linking to a another web page? RoseParks

A. I can't answer the question definitively but I can say that you can easily link to images elsewhere. So, perhaps as a temporary solution, you can always upload, elsewhere, an image, then link to it from WikiPedia. The wiki programmers must know more, though...

A2. The next release of the wiki software (usemod 0.92) will allow special characters to be used like ∞ for the infinity symbol, Δ for the Delta symbol (the triangle), etc. See the [list of standard characters] for more information. Most graphical browsers should implement these common symbols. For now, and for other symbols later, an image link to another site will be required. (I'm not sure if image uploading will make it into the next release, but it is a planned feature.) --CliffordAdams (working on the wiki code today)

I think we should discuss references (bibliography but not only) if this going to be an encyclopedia.

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