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Here is the wiki home page for Olivier Gérard also known as Oprgag.

Each part is roughly devoted to a given topic. Be kind to follow this organization when appropriate.


Oddly enough, wiki seems to attract at least a few people quite close to my taste: keen on mathematics (and especially abstract algebra), linguistics (and especially syntax), and speaking French (but I cheat, this is my mothertongue), German, interested in Japanese, having studied Greek and Latin ...

A list: JoshuaGrosse, OprgaG, RoseParks, who's next ?

Jim Wales (of Bomis fame) says: I studied LatinLanguage?, and I'm keen on mathematics (StochasticProcesses?, RealAnalysis?), and I'm studying JapaneseLanguage? now. I'm idly interested in linguistics, but know nothing substantial about it. --JimboWales

Known as RoseParks, (of no particluar fame), I have studied Math (esp.Abstract Algebra), Linguistics (esp. syntax), French, German, Greek, Latin and 5 years of graduate level Japanese (one year+ devoted to the 1850 Kanji). First memories of French, third grade..."Sur le pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse, l'on y danse, sur the pont d'Avignon, l'on y danse tous en rond"....also a terrible show-off, n'est-ce pas?

Bon. Il semble logique que je commence un peu à mettre du français sur wiki. C'est vrai, quoi! L'anglais est déjà assez présent sur le réseau.

Welcome, Olivier--mais oui, schreiben Sie auf Franzosisch, just don't expect us to be able to reply to you in French (or German). :-) -- LarrySanger

Arigato Larry. Bien sûr que je vais le faire. Il va falloir aussi que je rameute d'autres grenouilles dans cette marre. Wir werden sehen, wir müssen sehen.

Would be grand to have a concurrent French wiki. Why not? Only trouble are the topics on which the English and French words (e.g., personal names) are the same. You could then, e.g., have a ReneDescartesFr? page. -- Larry

I think that one should in this case have at least a new preference setting, so that help and permanent links could be labelled in the user's language. What would be even greater is to have the different names and sentences as part of wiki pages so that they could be edited online. -- Olivier

space available for comments

Notes on wiki

- really nice. I did a little auto-modifiable pages for an internal web site in php3 but the content was basically html, and the troublesome typing of links was becoming a real chore. The trick of CapitalSInSTRANGEplaceS? to sign internal links is neat.

Yes! And it's going to be even better, as the code is soon to be changed to allow use to indicate links [[like this]].

The following questions could be asked (and answered) on WikiPediaFaq, if they aren't already...it would be a good idea to transfer them there... Sure, but let's grow this impromptu FAQ a little before doing this.

- what could be a little trouble in the future (with more and more users): concurrent modifications on the same page may cancel themselves (or do they ?)

The software already accounts for this. Not really a problem.

- are there other special instructions such as #ReDiReCt? ?

See HowDoesOneEditaPage--but we need to update those instructions.

- In what language is wiki programmed ? Perl ? C ?

JimboWales could tell you that. I bet this is perl.

- I have another question: Is the code publicly available? I have been browing the wikiclone page of the original c2.com web site, and I am testing a few of them but the one here seems a good balance between ease of use and functionality.

Yes, if you keep exploring, I think you'll find that the code is OpenSource.

Indeed, I should have seen the WhichWikiShouldWeUse page sooner. And by the way my start of OpenSource page was rather bad. Glad you edited it.

Reference Pages for wiki and wikipedia use

NamingConventions WikiProcess? TechFAQ? ModeratioN? CestQuoiWiki? CestQuoiWikiPedia?

WikiShouldOfferSimplifiedUseOfTables is my motto to help entering and maintaining tabulated data into the wikipedia.

/MyOwnSandBox is now on another page.

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