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It is possible to link to images simply by typing in the URL of the image. This was done, for example, on the FidDle page. But the image exists somewhere outside of WikiPedia. Is this wrong? Is a "link back" to the image source adequate compensation, or not? What do you think?
Interesting question. I linked an article (a pretty long one) in HelL, without which my couple of paragraphs would be basically meaningless. Obviously, if the original author has placed it on the web, he intends for it to be widely viewed and circulated - but what if he changes domains or drops off the web altogether? Then what of my link? The substance of my paragraphs will be as naught with the loss of that material. If I had my druthers, I'd include the whole article in the body of my notes, with a link-back. However, I am leery of violating standards of fair use under copyright law, and so I don't. Who has a definitive answer on this?
I'd say just go get permission. But then the article itself, since it doesn't concern HelL per se but is a very particular take on a particular question about HelL, should be saved under its own special (aptly-named) page. That's my view, anyway.

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