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Got an announcement? So, make it!

February 12, 2001

I think we are over 1000 pages now. If we create 1000 pages a month, we will be able to hit 100,000 pages in only 8 years. However, I think that as we grow, we will attract more people to work on the pages, and we'll end up growing faster and faster.

So far, the search engines have not found us. --JimboWales

February 8, 2001

We're up to 900 pages as of this morning!

There are whispers that the newest version of the software that runs WikiPedia will soon arrive. This means no longer will we have to indicate links LikeThis.

Bomis.com has put up a link to Wikipedia, Nupedia.com has taken theirs down (from the main page) but put up a new one in [the member area] which supplements the one already on [the about page].

February 6, 2001

Inspired by WikiPedia, I started an similar project for my local Esperanto group. It uses real html.

If you are interested in or if you have any suggestions, just give me a hint! -- norman.werner@student.uni-magdeburg.de

Please post the address of your wiki, please!

February 5, 2001

TimShell is working on an enormous "Cliff Notes"-style summary of AynRand's book AtlasShrugged. We have also been graced with an enormous entry about ErnestHemingway.

We've added some RulesToConsider for you to consider, sign, modify, and add to. But those of you who don't like rules can go about your business. Ain't wiki great? :-)

February 1, 2001

TimShell found this cool image file:

I uploaded it to the server. I suspect we should resave it as a different file type.

I have also uploaded LarrysText to the server, so now WikiPedia has a veritable boatload of philosophical content. Now all we have to do is wikify it and remove the bullshit. :-) -- LarrySanger

January 31, 2001

I am adding a page called NobelPrize, where we can list all the winners by category, and eventually fill in with short biographies.

We're up to 617 pages. Very many of these have substantial and what appears to be reliable information. I predict 1,000 by February 15. WikiPedia is growing steadily in breadth and depth.

January 27, 2001

Some interesting activity has been happening on WikipediaL lately. RequestedArticles page added.

January 26, 2001

Exciting developments are happening on the BritannicaPublicDomain, WhichWikiShouldWeUse, and BadJokesAndOtherDeletedNonsense pages.

January 25, 2001

Since this wiki first started, January 10, 2001, we have made 270 pages! Wow!


January 24, 2001

WikiPedia has definitely taken a life of its own; new people are arriving every day and the project seems to be getting only more popular. Long live WikiPedia!

January 22, 2001

GNU people are using WikiPedia to discuss their stuff, which is very cool. Go to GNUStufF to partake.

January 21, 2001

Wikipedia-L (see WikipediaL), a new mailing list for Wikipedia, now exists!

On January 15, 2001, Wikipedia.com "went public." An earlier version existed briefly on Nupedia.com from Jan. 10-15.

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