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We need a page where bad jokes and other deleted nonsense can rest in peace. So, here it is! [I'm half tempted to suggest keeping the jokes inline with the pages, as they must sorta give the encyclopedia some lively color. But I do know it'd just get carried away and turn into an encyclopedia of silliness, so look forward to frequent updates of this page. ;-) -- BryceHarrington ]
From PolanD:
From an Englishman's diary:

From PatentNonsense: Q. SO, you are really looking for Chaos on a webpage, right? A. Er...no, we'd like to avoid it. Q. K, how is that going to happen without a policeman? A. Go figure! [Of all the text to end up being hauled into this detention centre... :)]
order arising out of chaos...
From WhatIsaWiki: This is crazy! A tremendous Fear and Loathing of wikis is present... Blah...
Er, what's crazy? To whom are these Kierkegaardian sentiments present? It was a dark and stormy night and the captain said "tell us a story" ...
Hmmm - it's REALLY possible to edit ALL of EVERY page? Seems a recipe for diaster to me! One destructive moron and the whole Wiki becomes mush. Maybe I'm just cynical. :-)
Wow, This is kinda wierd
    -- Drachs

Investigation of the Wiki concept...
From IdiosyncratiC: My dad knew him.
From HareKrishna: (For more on little-known religions' positions on sex, see BokoNonism.)
Oh Wiki, you're so fine!...
From EnglishLanguage: A quick guide for those living in the UnitedStates - Colour is spelt with a 'u', Aluminium has 5 syllables, and Encyclopaedia does indeed have an 'a' in it. In addition, Sulphur is not spelt with a 'f', foetus has an 'o', and 'organisation' is indeed spelt with an 's', as are many other words you spell with a 'z' (which is incidentally a 'zed', not a 'zee'), and it's "spelt," not "spelled." And if you can't use apostrophes correctly, *learn*. It's not hard. Plurals don't need them, normal possessives do, contractions do, 'its' as a posessive doesn't. Thank you.
says who? Can't languages evolve? I don't see you spelling like Shakespeare... From SnowBoarding: This snowboarding page is dedicated to all the hot snowbunnies!! (ha,ha)
From AustriA: Austrians are known as the best lovers worldwide. Ha ha ha! You mean that's not an objective fact?! :-) Ever been to AustriA?? Then you'll know what I mean;-)
From WikiWatcher: (for the time beeing, the previous definition would be best applied to MiracleDoer?)...
From ActorS:

Q: How do you make a little box? A: With little boards. ;-)

What do you mean by 'little box'?

From TheRecorder:

I played the Recorder when i was in 6th grade -Zed

From LoGic:

The ultimate goal of logic is to show nothing can be proved.

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