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This is a series of introductory philosophy lectures LarrySanger wrote out completely and read to his unfortunate OhioState? students in the spring of 1998. Printed out it's about 350 pages long. Its audience is average undergraduates who have never had a philosophy class before. It covers, in a conversational yet concise fashion, all the main subdisciplines of philosophy, with a few exceptions (e.g., PhilosophyOfScience? and AestheticS? are omitted). This material will require radical reworking and general wikification to become appropriate for WikiPedia. On this page, we can discuss how to do this.

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Table of contents (please keep this updated as you wikify!):

1 Introduction to Philosophy
WhyPhilosophize -- PhilosophicalMethod -- DefinitionOfPhilosophy -- PhilosophicalSubdisciplines
2 Some Rudiments of Logic
DefinitionOfLogic -- DeductionAndInduction -- ArgumentForms -- MeaningAndDefinitions
3 Metaphysics
SomeMetaphysicalQuestions -- MetaphysicsAndOntology -- TheExistenceOfPhysicalObjects -- ProblemOfSubstance -- ProblemOfUniversals -- IdentityAndChange
4 Philosophy of Religion
PhilosophyOfReligion -- WhatIsGod -- FaithAndRationality -- ObviouslyBadArgumentsForTheExistenceOfGod -- TraditionallyRespectableArgumentsForTheExistenceOfGod -- TheOntologicalArgument -- TheCosmologicalArgument -- TheTeleologicalArgument -- TheProblemOfEvil -- TheRationalityOfAtheism -- TheoDicy
5 Philosophy of Mind
PhilosophyOfMind -- MentalEvent -- MentalFunctions -- ConsciousNess -- TheMindBodyProblem -- ReducTion -- MonIsm -- NeutralMonism -- DualIsm -- DualisticInteractionism -- PhysicalIsm -- PhilosophyOfPerception -- FreeWillAndDeterminism
6 Philosophy of Language
PhilosophyOfLanguage -- TheMeaningOfMeaning -- ProperNames -- MeaningfulNess -- NaiveRelativismAboutTruth -- TheoriesOfTruth
7 Epistemology
EpistemOlogy -- TheoryOfJustification -- TheRegressArgumentInEpistemology -- APrioriAndAPosteriorKnowledge -- KnowLedge -- ScepticIsm -- CommonSenseAndTheDiallelus
8 Ethics
EthIcs -- MetaEthics/Naturalism MetaEthics/NonNaturalism MetaEthics/NonCognitivism -- TheoryOfValue -- TheoryOfConduct
9 Political Philosophy
PoliticalPhilosophy -- TheJustificationOfTheState -- AnarchismAndNaturalLawTheory -- SocialContractTheories -- ConsequentialistJustificationsOfTheState -- ThePurposeOfGovernment -- LibertarianisM -- SocialisM

OK, here's the deal:

I think that's it for now. Any comments or questions?

I added a note to the top of most of the pages. I would hope the notes don't last longer than the first couple of edits, which should suffice to make them read sufficiently less like lectures. And having them link here means interested parties can find which ones have not yet been reviewed (that gives me an idea: ReviewRequests). That having been said... Thanks for the material, Larry. I skimmed sections here and there, and it all looks quite good. Quite a boon for the PhiloSophy section. I might just look you up and request a copy when I have to teach some undergrad intro class (or will the wikipedia be enough by then...). --PhillipHankins
Thanks very much, Phillip! -- Larry
Update, Feb. 3, from LarrySanger: as an example of how I would like this text to be wikified, I have started working on wikifying [the original PhilosophyOfMind entry] and [the original TheMindBodyProblem entry]. In the process of wikifying these pages, as you can see by comparing the originals (click on the bracketed links) with the most recent versions (PhilosophyOfMind and TheMindBodyProblem), I have done the following: Go thou and do likewise--please!

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