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The best place to learn about who am I is at my website [www.jimmywales.com].

You can also see some still stuff about me at the [Bomis Wiki].

<note from=PhillipHankins> Thanks for the good tidings. I actually gave a little thought to the benifit of people being able to find me easy. But then I remembered that people can check the other revisions and find who has been working on a page that way. And I didn't what to presume any ownership since larry had done some stuff... kinda unwiki, if you will.

It would be neat if people who wanted to help organize a page signed the bottom so as to spur communication betwixt themselves. But again, I imagine the revision list is almost as good. Your point about people finding other stuff I've worked on is the best reason and I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I'll check around to see what others think of such topics. </note>

Just a question: could you tell me where the WikiPedia server is? My timezone is GMT+1 -- the times on the RecentChanges page are about GMT-8, so I'd go for somewhere on the US West Coast. -- WojPob

SanDiego?, CaliforniA? is the location of Bomis. LarrySanger lives (for now) in LasVegas, NevadA?.

Thanks for the suggestion re: multilanguage access to [UnuMondo]. I have enhanced the splash page accordingly! -- JerryMuelver
For JimboWales...hold down ALT and enter, say, 0141 in the keypad.

Ah, I wasn't the one asking how to make them, I was asking the person who asked what they meant.

It seems that what you are calling little boxes will show up as funny characters to some people, if they have some special fonts installed.

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