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Welcome, GNU people! Feel free to develop ideas about the new GNU encyclopedia here! What relation should the GNU encyclopedia have to NuPedia? To WikiPedia (if any)? By the way, feel free to post GNU encyclopedia articles on WikiPedia.

Is there any link between WikiPedia/NuPedia? and the announced GNUPedia project? -- Torsten Wöllert (tor.sten@internet.lu)

WikiPedia fulfils many of the principles (such as freedom from closed editorial controls) advocated by the GNUPedia project, however it is not directly derived from that project. Note that GNUPedia has changed its name and focus; it is now known as "GNE is Not an Encyclopedia". It is currently focused more on the development of new encyclopedia software than on actively gathering articles, however because of the common licensing approach taken by Nupedia and Wikipedia, articles posted here can be used in the GNE software when it eventually becomes available for public use, and/or can be submitted to Nupedia for formal peer review and inclusion in that project. GNE is accepting article submissions, but is asking for some time to finish their software before displaying them publically. -- BryceHarrington

See also WhatsTheRelationshipBetweenWikipediaAndNupedia.

The contents of the WikiPedia is covered by the GNUFreeDocumentationLicense.

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