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Open source ComputerSoftware is nominally owned by one entity, such as the FreeSoftwareFoundation?, and then licensed out according to an OpenSourceLicense?; the license gives the user free use of the software as well access to the SourceCode?, so that the software can then be further developed by whoever is interested. (This needs to be expanded.)

The OpenSourceMovement? is a large movement of programmers and other computer users to give easy access to ComputerSoftware.

There is widespread agreement, but some tension, between the OpenSourceMovement? and the FreeSoftwareMovement?.

Among the relevant topics:

DonaldEKnuth?, RichardStallman?, LinusTorvalds?, EricRaymond?, PaulVixie?

The GNUProjecT?, FreeSoftwareFoundation?, DebianLinux? distribution, FreeBSD?

OpenSourceSoftware?: EmacS?, TeX?, ViM?, ApachE?, XFrEE?, GimP?, PhP?...

''Please delete this note after confirmation/disconfirmation: I'm not sure that TeX? is OpenSource.''

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