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Logic: the study of the standards of correct argumentation and definition.

Metaphysics: the study of the most basic categories of things, such as existence, objects, properties, and so forth.

Philosophy of Religion: the study of the meaning of the concept of God and of the rationality of belief in the existence of God.

Philosophy of Mind: the study of the nature of the mind, and its relation to the body and the rest of the world.

Philosophy of Language: the study of the concepts of meaning and truth.

Epistemology: the study of knowledge, its nature, possibility, and justification.

Value Theory: the study of the meaning of "good" and the relation between fact and value.

Ethics: the study of what makes actions right or wrong, and of how theories of right action can be applied to special moral problems.

Political Philosophy: the study of basic topics concerning government, including the purpose of the state, political justice, freedom, the nature of law, and the justification of punishment.

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