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Have an article that you wouldn't mind some help with? Like to have an article fact-checked? Know that your speeling sucks grammar and?

Add it to the list. (A description of what needs doing might be cool too.)

Larry was kind enough to add a lot of information from some of his PhiloSophy lectures. They were added "as is", thus could use some wikification. See LarrysText for discussion of how it should be wikified.
In the mere opinion of LarrySanger, the following pages need (as of Feb. 3) serious editing and/or refactoring and/or creation of *Talk or *Discussion pages: AlTruism; GottfriedLeibniz; CommonSense; AppliedEthics; DeconstructionIsm; SoCrates; EthicsVsMorals; BillClinton; LibertarianisM; FootBall; ConsequentialIsm. Please see RefactoringPolicy.
Am I right to think that this page is not particularly helpful? Perhaps we should remove it. It's like a "hall of shame." Heck, all articles can be improved...

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