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An Australian living in Sydney, and frequently travelling the world at large. Professionally I am a data architect - I design systems to handle data management within large corporations. My education is as a medical doctor. Prior to that I was a professional guitarist in the USA. You figure it out.

I'm presently 33 and am engaged to a very lovely girl called Lucy from Stirling, Scotland. I'm rather pleased about that. (Wedding will be in Sydney in Jan 2003). I've even got photos of the two of us up on the web [1]

I discovered Wikipedia through an article in the International Herald Tribune. I looked up my home state of Tasmania, was appalled at the two-line entry and suddenly found myself writing away...

Records held - I unashamedly claim to hold the record for "The most number of countries a contributor has edited Wikipedia from". So far I have edited articles in four countries - Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Singapore and (now) Australia. (I have no idea if this is actually true or not, but the gauntlet has been thrown down at least).

What MMGB stands for - as a couple of people have asked. The full story... having been born in the late 60's to "creative and free thinking hippies who rejected the yoke of societal oppression and tradition" I got stuck with the unfortuante moniker "Manning", after a leftist professor of Australian History (although it turns out that wasn't his name after all..., my parents could have done a little more research, but no). Then the grandparents got involved and said I had to have an ancestal name... I was the 3rd child and likely to be the only male, so to keep peace between both sides, I got McPhee? after my maternal grandfather and "Greig" after my paternal grandfather... well sort of. "Greig" some of you will note is a Norwegian name, and I have no Norwegian ancestry of any kind. It was meant to be the Irish "Grieg", but they misspelled it on my birth certificate. So as if fate wasn't cruel enough, I have to go through life as a spelling error.

You know Manning, you could always apply to have your birth certificate corrected... -- SJK
No, because then I'd have to have "professional Spelling Error" removed from my business card. It's one of my only claims to fame! :) - MB

email: manning@bartlett.net, if you feel the need to contact me offline. I'm also on Wikipedia-L, and I would recommend being on the list to all serious 'pedians. I also turn up under the (work) IP of 205.210.232.xxx at times.

Dec 5 01 - Oh happy day!! After months of writing, someone finally put something I wrote (Joshua A. Norton) on Brilliant prose. It takes so little to keep me happy.

I put your Paul Erdos there as well. I'm going to have to start writing some more original stuff so I can keep my lead there. --LDC

I'm sure you won't find that hard LDC :)

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I've received some flak for this page, as some people believe it only encourages trolls. This has not been my experience so far, and I find it useful as I can open recent changes, do a Ctrl-F and see if they have been active anywhere.

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