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Wikipedia-L is Wikipedia's mailing list. It's an essential resource for Wikipedia authors. Maybe you don't want to clutter up Wikipedia with questions or discussion. Or maybe, for whatever reason, you'd just like to chat with other Wikipedians without doing so via the wiki format. Great, then sign up for Wikipedia-L!

Here is a link to the sign-up page:

You can also view the [Wikipedia-L archive].

28-OCT-2001: In recent weeks and continuing into next week, there has been and will be a discussion about, among other things, how to apply the GNU Free Documentation License to Wikipedia. You, the authors, release content under this license. The question in focus will be if it is OK that the founders, organizers, and financial supporters of Wikipedia clarify its requirement to add either a text link or a table to each entry.

The passage in question is the note at the bottom of the page GNU Free Documentation License which was added October 2001. There are other issues under discussion as well.

Jimbo and others (including maybe Larry) are of the opinion that meta-discussion should be confined as much as possible to Wikipedia-L. I see their point, but frequently I access Wikipedia from library computers, on which I can't use email (if they see you, they boot you). Wikipedia on the other hand they don't mind, probably because they are not too sure what it is. -- SJK

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