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Vicki Rosenzweig is a native New Yorker, and would-be polymath.

In practice, "dilettante" might be closer, but I'm curious about most things, know at least a little about many, and enjoy answering questions and explaining things, so Wikipedia is a congenial project.

I'm also a professional copyeditor and proofreader, and enjoy being someplace where I'm encouraged to insert the missing "the"s, fix the spelling, and tidy up the commas.

My home page is http://www.panix.com/~vr.

Hi Vicki, I'm the one who wrote the article about el Cid. My name is Jorge Tamayo, from Madrid Spain. Even if I tried a free-style translation of the last sentence, I'm not native in english and it shows. Your version is better. Thank you for editing, the article needed it.

Oh, Vicki! Welcome to Wikipedia! We need your skills! I've already admired a submission or two (e.g., saint). --MichaelTinkler
Welcome aboard, Vicki! Polymaths and editors are the backbone of Wikipedia. -- Claudine

Hi Vicki --

There is in fact, some belief that Charlemagne caused Carloman's death, but I'd be kinda careful. There isn't a lot of evidence for it. We do know through extant sources that Carloman made very large grants to religious foundations and seems to have demonstrated sincere piety. Also, by entering a monastery, Carloman would have given up any right to inheritance (although he may have had some control over how lands he held were dispersed). Because of this, I tend to disregard those rumors. Now Grifo, the half-brother of Charles and Carloman ....

would you mind terribly if I removed the reference? J Hofmann Kemp

Sure, rephrase or remove. I based that on something that I think was written in the 1950s, so may well have been disproven by now.


Just put back Orange, the telecoms company. They are a major player in the UK, and are moving globally. They are probably worth an article in their own right once we get bracketed headings - their rise has been mercurial. sjc

Hi Vicki - just wanted to say welcome and hello. I never knew where "Bronx" came from - thanks for that. Regards Manning

--Wow! Great work on the senses. I'm a medical doctor by training and I'd never heard of "umami", so I went and looked it up. Re the spelling, "Nature Neuroscience" spells it "umami" and I couldn't find any medical references to "umame" (which only means that "I" couldn't find them) so I chose that spelling as the primary one. You also (properly) pointed out my humano-centricity so I went and looked up electroception and magnetoception. Cheers- MB

Hi Vicki, I've been admiring your work, and I wanted to give you a much-belated welcome to the project, and sorry it wasn't sooner. There are so many good people who have arrived in the last few months, it's hard to keep up! --Larry Sanger
Hi Vicki -- I listed the fat, stupid, ugly pages on TB deleted already... thanks for noticing them, too, because I thought i must have been hallucinating! JHK

I've been dropping in stubs on things I think ought to be covered--I started the light pollution article because it was requested, and just did a few paragraphs on whales because it seemed like an odd omission: there was already an article on ambergris.

To Do:

Oh, and when I get bored I wander through the Wikipedia semi-randomly, inserting verbs into topic sentences.

hi Vicky Im the starter of the wikipedia in basque. what can I do for you? Im eager to contribute. Did I do something wrong? Not really, but I wanted something local and in English. Please check anything I write about Basque language or culture for accuracy

Thanks Vicki for your recent contribution to Masculism. It was a point essential to bring up and I hope I flushed it out OK. QIM

I would say "thank you," except that I don't think I've written anything there. VR?

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I did just update Aleutian Islands about five times; I ran into an edit conflict, so wound up putting my bits in a paragraph or two at a time, to avoid trouble. (The other person editing was working on a different chunk of the article, so it was a database conflict but not a disagreement._

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