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I am a professor of art history - I specialize in the early Middle Ages, but I teach everything in western art before 1500 (thank GOODNESS we just hired an Asian Art specialist and I don't have to go learn all about that, too).

filling in lots of factoids on the chronological conspectus pages

how the Pope + name nomenclature decision showed Wiki-robustness!
the 4th and 5th century articles
Paulinus of Nola
Augustine of Hippo
Liber Pontificalis
Charlemagne and how the early middle ages are beginning to shape up
Baroque Art

always indicate the varying reliability of particular ancient and medieval sources (see Liber Pontificalis)

skim the recent changes for as-yet-un-added biographical entries

By the way, as of 12/17/01 I'm on Christmas break - it's not that I'm off in a huff or never coming back, but I think a big dose of fiction would be a lot more restful. Now when I'm at my parents' I'll probably get bored enough to turn the computer on, but no promises.... --Michael



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