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Real name: Steve Callaway. Occupation: Systems Designer. E-mail: sjc2000_uk@yahoo.com

In my private life, I am a social historian with a particular interest in the marginalisation of minority cultures by mainstream cultures. Since these minorities are usually under-represented, and subject to cultural obliteration, where a conflict arises between the core and the periphery, I tend to err in favour of the periphery. I have come to this conclusion after studying the way in which the culture and history of my native Cornwall has been trampled and rewritten in favour of an anglo-centric homogoneity.

Some pages I have worked on:

History of England, English Civil War, Bretwalda, History of London
Dubious historical resources
Plymouth, England, Cornwall, Devon
Cricket, Plymouth Argyle F.C.
Irish Republican Army
Roger Casement
William Empson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Marina Tsvetaeva, Old English poetry
Brion Gysin
Joseph Conrad, Carmilla
Cornish language
Samhain (major rewrite)
Doctor Who,Father Ted
Violette Szabo Special Operations Executive

also many of the pages relating to

Norse Mythology
Irish mythology
Celtic Mythology


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