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Let's start another encyclopedia right here in this sandbox. Oke, then first we need to pick some categories. Anyone ? ;-)

If this has been saved, Wikipedia articles can be saved using AOL 5.0.


Testing trees:

If you put something in [[double square brackets]], will it look like a link?

Finagles law

If I put something in [CamelHumpedWord], will it look like a footnote?


Nope, need a reference with http: in it, I guess, like


Here is our test text. Some italics and some boldface and some bold-italics using single quotes

Now try some with the HTML tabs italics and some bold and some underline and some bold-italics

So here's a link to test: Ranganathan- style http://www.uniroma1.it/Mathematics/I-Ranganathan.html
Let's try an outside URL where the URL itself does not appear in the Wiki text. It can be done with single square brackets, and it's assigned a number, like a footnote: [2] and let's try a second one: [3] to see if we get a different number. OK! Between horizontal dividers, footnote numbers increment as expected.
For yucks, let's see if we get another footnote: [2]. Hmm, it seems that the horizontal divider re-initializes the footnote numbers. But note that both lists started with "2" because of the "1" up above. Very strange, perhaps something is broken here.
this <span>is</span> a test.

[| edit]

LIFE OF SENCE Andrey V. Gorokhov

System... 1. The world life is self-realized and self-developing opportunity which have all properties of infinity. ... In operation. 2. The property of the global opportunity is division into essential ("dynamic") and potential ("inherent "). 3. The established impossibility is formed by means of occurrence of the contradiction in uniform system of the essential - potential opportunities based on fractal connection between its components. The opportunity is carried out through us and by means of us. It is beforehand much wider than itself in all parts. We are for the opportunity, it's for us. We make our destiny as far as it allows us to do this. We have to choose our work like we are going to live eternally and do this work like it's our last day.

well how do i get a link to their term??

editing is simple agreed?

is editing really as simple as this? Let's try it


<a href="http://creativeideas.20m.com">a href test</a>

Yes, simple as typing it in and saving - cool!

That was my hope too: just wanted to try it before making a fule of myself...

Hello World!

[[Motors]] [Ford Motors]

 I edited the top of this page

 and did add a link to philosophy

LantzRowland (words with multiple capitals automaticly become links!)

So is this a link? Philosophy And what if I want to link to a new page Like this one I want to Try Something

Try it? a castle.


                              * *

                            * * * petit test de france :-))))


                           ***   ***

                           * ***** *        &Θ = =

                           *       *

                           * α   α *                      &Θ

                           *       *                     /

                           *   γ   *                    /

                           *       *                   ******

                           *********                   O    O

I'm a little worried --

Hey, could you use something like this for a message board? Where people meet? maybe sign there name so you know who's who.? What about pics? can u do that too? loretta

I can't find anything about adding pictures

And I can't find any pictures.


Just type the URL http://www.ma.man.ac.uk/~gowen/anybrowser_icon.gif gives

Testing pics

What is the Summary field for?

And do "quotes" work?


A monkey says "eep".

Some monkeys cannot, for they have been silent since birth.

Poor monkeys.

A place for children of all ages to play in.

Can I create a link to a page called Sandbox by using special markup, e.g. [Sandbox] like on ZWiki? Hm, nope, it doesn't seem to work. If it did, it would solve the problem of silly WikiNames? like . Requires two brackets: sandbox <noWicki>Sandbox</nowicki>.

Why don't you people use TWiki? It is, in my opinion, better than the typical wiki web because it stores an entire revision history of each page. You can also turn things into wiki pages that don't fit the CorrectSyntax?. So, you could make "Correctsyntax" into a page. Check out Twiki at http://www.twiki.org

''I'm not the best person to answer this question, but this we do permit Free Links and we can (can't we? Guys?) change the settings so that an entire revision history of each page is stored. Besides, we have CliffordAdams working to add features that make UseModWiki the best possible wiki for an encyclopedia project! --Larry Sanger''

  1. this is a test of a really long line to see what happens when it wraps around in this
strange number mode, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.... ## this is a test of a really long line to see what happens when it wraps around in this strange number mode, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.... ### this is a test of a really long line to see what happens when it wraps around in this strange number mode, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
  1. this is a test of a really long line to see what happens when it wraps around in this
strange number mode, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

  1. last line

I made a little box in the SandBox-Please leave this ? !!! And yet it may not show up
on many computers...

I can't make a box :( Is it a Mac thing?

? ? ? I can copy and paste boxes, though.

No. I was entering unprintable characters by holding down the ALT key and entering 0141 in the keypad. This is on a PC not a Mac. ????? See...RoseParks. Learned from entering the Iternational Phonetics Alphabet in a doc, then copying to e-mail I got boxes and other strange things. ???? See..?????*--~?s>??Y??2

''In fact, any browser is free to display anything here. The boxes above are character
0x8D, which is undefined in ISO-8859-1 (which is what the Wikipedia server specifies), and unused in Windows-1251 as well. Most Windows fonts put a small box in unused positions, so that's what you'll see on most Windows machines and fonts (although many fonts don't even bother doing that, so you'll just see blank space or a solid black box). On old pre-Windows MS-DOS code page 437, it was the character "" (i grave), so you might see that from text cut-and-pasted from older DOS texts; in old Macintosh Roman, it was "?" (c cedilla), so you might get it from Mac-pasted texts as well. If your browser does display the i-grave or c-cedilla there, then it is configured incorrectly.''

Special characters and math symbols: see Wiki special characters. You can use this space to experiment with what is available on your browser, but note that just because something works in your browser, that doesn't mean it works in anyone else's. None of the following work in Netscape 4:

  Α α

  Β β

  Γ γ

  Δ δ

  Ε ε

  Ζ ζ

  Η η

Infinty: ∞

Integral: ∫

Pi: π

This one works:

Degrees: 35°

How about using charts.unicode.org images instead: ...

LarrysText -- Larrys Text -- [Larry's Text]?


[Donkey versus Monkey]?






Me You
A+ F

I'm better than you are!!! Are you?

Let me try that again. I typed in straight HTML for another rowand got the table. Then I edit it again and I see the markups and the straight HTML. So, I infer that you can enter an table with straight HTML. So, let's try that...

StudentName? Grade

Note that the "CamelHumpedWord" StudentName? became a Wiki Link, so this means that the parser is parsing inside the table...

it is really a game

You can make superscripts and subscripts within a Wiki and you can control the font size and color.

a2x22 + a3x33 + ...

a1x1 +

a2x22 + a3x33 + ... So why all the &lt;/&gt; stuff showing up?

a2x22 + a3x33 + ... The above is written as straight HTML, and displays just the same as the previous line. What gives?

[Dune (film productions)]?

Goll dang it, I want to [use (parentheses in titles)]?! If not that way, then [This (way)]! Still don't have parens. Guess we haven't upgreaded to 0.92 yet.

four dashes gives a break


Testing various HTML structural markup:

Level 2 Heading

Body text.

Level 3 Heading

&lt;i&gt;This should not be italicized!&lt;/i&gt;

<q>Tagged quotes? No.</q>

<samp>SAMP</samp>, <kbd>KBD</kbd>, VAR, <dfn>DFN</dfn>

Inset quotes? Yes!

Citations? Yes!

Teletype: Yes


Comment: No

<!--Comment here-->

Test emacs-w3-mode. ?

[Some system]? testing done. Trivial.

I can't find a decent description of the wiki markup syntax so I'm forced to experiment here. If anyone can point me to a spec, please note it here:

This is a test, and ONLY a test...

  1. This is a numbered item.
    Followed by this.

  1. Then another numbered item.

  1. Numbered item with blank line. Must use the <br><br> trick rather than a
blank line in source, or else the numbers start over. Here is some very important text which you should read carefully. Please do so at your earliest convenience. If you are unable to comply with this request, do not attempt to do so. It would be useless for you to do so. Resist the temptation at all cost.

Here is some more very important text which you should also read carefully. It is easily as informative as the preceeding paragraph.

Does UseMod support the same table markup as MoinMoin??


playing with colour!


Found this elsewhere, pasting here to assist finding later...

?lt;br /> p(xi )logq(xi ) - ?lt;br /> p(xi )logp(xi ) = ?lt;br /> p(xi )log q(xi )
p(xi )

This is a big ol' test.


?lt;br /> p(xi )logq(xi ) - ?lt;br /> p(xi )logp(xi ) = ?lt;br /> p(xi )log q(xi )
p(xi )

AlexanderBostr?öm testing international characters otherwise it is AlexanderBostrom


testing edit again...


me a test.

Testing backslashes:

   H       H
    \     /
     C = C
    /     \

Test one two. Is this thing on?
testing my new redirect: aw


Sir Kingsley Amis April 22, 1922 - October 22, 1995

English novelist, poet, critic, and teacher. Author of twenty novels, three collections of poetry, a number of short stories, and ten books of social or literary criticism.

Born in London. He was educated at the [City of London School]? and St. John's College, Oxford. After service in the army with the [Royal Corps of Signals]? he completed his university studies in 1947 and then worked as a lecturer in English at the University of Swansea (1948-61) and in Cambridge (1961-63).

1947 Amis published his first collection of poems, Bright November.
1953 A Frame of Mind.
1954 Poems: Fantasy Portraits.
In 1954 Amis published his first novel, Lucky Jim. The novel won the [Somerset Maugham]? award for fiction and Amis was placed in a group of young writers labeled "Angry Young Men." (including [Iris Murdoch]? and [John Osborne]?).
1956 A Case of Samples: Poems 1946-1956.
In 1968, after [Ian Fleming's]? death in 1964, under the pseudonym Robert Markham, he wrote Colonel Sun, a novel about James Bond. He won a Booker Prize for The Old Devils in 1986.
1994 The semi-autobiographical You Can't Do Both was published.
He was knighted in 1990.

He was married twice, first in 1948 to Hilary. In 1965, he married novelist Elizabeth Howard; they divorced in 1983. He had three children: two sons, including [Martin Amis]?, and a daughter. When he died, at the age of 73, Amis had over 20 novels to his credit, plus dozens of volumes of poetry, stories, collections of essays, and criticism.

Let's try the question mark link. undefined word [[?]]

New try [?]

Yet again

undefined word [4] ?

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