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Cliff is the author of the [UseMod wiki clone]. He is also a winner of the Third Annual [Obfuscated Perl contest]?. See his [home page on Meatball] for more information. He can be contacted at [caadams@usemod.com].

Cliff has always loved encyclopedias, and is glad he could help a little with this effort.

CliffordAdams is a hero to me for helping us with this project, and for his excellent software. --Jimbo Wales

Hey, Cliff, on the announcements page you threw out a couple of neat searches. I looked through the UseModWiki, though, and couldn't find a list of them anywhere. Is there any documentation for these nifty features? --Josh Grosse

The UseModWiki documentation is still rather minimal. In the case of the searches you mentioned (searching by length), I just thought of them a few days ago. In the current release (0.91) searches are simply case-insensitive Perl regular expressions. (Future releases will probably add more options like faster link-only and title-only searches.) After the next release I hope to coordinate a community effort to write more documentation (probably using a documentation wiki). --CliffordAdams (Development of UseModWiki has been much slower than expected, but some people have started writing documentation on the main UseModWiki site [1].)

Cliff, Magnus Manske needs help decoding the Wikipedia data tarball for MySQL on the test software he is running at [wikipedia.sourceforge.net]. It would be greatly appreciated if you could point out the data structures for those of us who are not the perl experts (actually Magnus and I are novices in that area). Thanks, mike dill

See [2] for some code to extract the text from wiki .db files.

Just curious...did Clifford dissapear? or is he just on e-mail contact? --AN

I haven't disappeared, but I haven't had much time for reading Wikipedia recently. Email is definitely the best way to contact me--I might not notice changes to this page. --CliffordAdams

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