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Magnus Manske is a student (biochemistry, genetics, informatics) at the University of Cologne, Germany. He is the original author of the Wikipedia PHP script and a very active participant on Nupedia, as an author of many biology articles, as a coder, and as one of the first and most active participants on the Nupedia Chalkboard.
/Contributions (sorry for the subpage, Larry;)
Welcome to Wikipedia, Magnus! --LMS
Probably this is unnecessary but...the articles you are bringing from nupedia are only the ones you have written, right? I'm not sure if the photon article there is yours. If it is, it would be well received here. Welcome!--AN
I only bring in my own articles from the Nupedia chalkboard. I never did anything to any photon article, though. Am I missing something? -- Magnus

Uhuh! transposon does not work! Try editing the location in you browser to .../wiki/transposon and the article shows. Strange. Bug in the software? --Anders Törlind

Daniel fixed it. --Anders Törlind

Magnus is used to a newer version of the Wiki software used for the Chalkboard and elsewhere. He's adding the articles in lowercase. I'm trying to fix them as fast as he adds them, but he's not paying attention. The only way to edit these is to type the edit URL manually. And the name is Lee :) --Lee Daniel Crocker

Yeah, sorry for that, I didn't look at the recent changes page until I was finished. Thanks, Lee! -- Magnus Manske

Taken from the wordlist I mentioned on wikipedia-l, I post the words with /Y here.
Hello Magnus,

I hear you are the author of Wikipedia PHP script.
We, at the [[Polish Wikipedia]], are in the process of making fundamental decisions about the software.

We are encouraged by the great features of the PHP script but have doubts about its stability and performance.

Could you please advise us or if the decision is in favour of the PHP solution help us install it.

Please contact me (kpj at kki dot net dot pl) or the administrator Pawel Jochym.


Hola Magnus! I'm feeling a bit understimulated right now (despite the armour writeup), so i was thinking of giving the PHP-scripts a spin. How have you set up the CVS system? Do you have any design and/or code guidelines? How are they structured? How will i have to abuse my Apache to get them up and running? :-) --Anders Törlind

Hey, Magnus. I just want you to know that I totally appreciate the effort you're making--it's a crazy amount of work, and you're doing an amazing job. I don't expect you to also be in charge of making sure that your work perfectly dovetails with the long-term needs and goals of Wikipedia, though of course I know you're trying to consider them. That responsibility lies with Larry. Being master of the code means you have a lot of power, and right now it doesn't seem like you're getting helpful guidance.

All that I see is Larry attacking subpages and saying it will all be fixed when your code is implemented. I haven't seen anyone talk about carefully documenting the software before it's implemented, or defining its scope, etc. etc. If I knew that the process of implementation was going to be more measured than it now seems, I'd be much more sanguine about the future. --TheCunctator

Im using Netscape 4.7 and I see lambda as &lambda Joao
It's funny everyone complains about Micro$oft when IE seems to be the only browser that actually supports HTML4...
So, let's try unicode : λ Anyone sees a lambda here in Netscape or Konqueror?
Ideas to resolve this would be appreciated!

I see λ and λ as a lambda in Galeon (really Mozilla 0.9.4), and in Lynx on a UTF-8 terminal, but not in links, w3m, or Emacs W3.

After writing the above, I realised I'd read something about Netscape 4 only interpreting numeric entity references in the current page's character set. See [1] for more information. (This may break the display of Anders' last name above, since it's in ISO-8859-1, not UTF-8.) --Carey Evans

In Mozilla 0.9.5 λ and λ are lambda Taw

Hey Magnus, any idea how you would go to a link using foreign characters to create a redirect to the anglicized version of that name? (For instance, if someone wanted to do that for, say [[François Truffaut]]). --KQ
You can use the original (native) spelling on my coming script. I am uncertain if it would be wise to create an anglicized version of people's names. Personally, I don't like that much, either. Duning my time in the States, I met someone who was introduced to me as (what sounded like) "Bob Coke". Weeks later, I found out that he was a German emigrant named "Robert Koch" (not related)... -- Magnus

Hi Magnus. Could you take a look at this - [2] - was this really the first embryonic human cloning rather than the ACT research in the news at the moment? Thanks -- sodium
I don't think this is "real" cloning, since it does not result in a genetically identical organism. The oocyte only divides after it became haploid and was fertilized by sperm. The actual cloning ("Dolly", ACT) is done with the genetic information of a single donor organism. --Magnus

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