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Hey, I forgot to welcome you to wikipedia. Welcome to wikipedia. :-) --KQ

Joao, welcome!! :-)

Joao, how did you determine the PageRank of Wikipedia, that you announced on the announcements page?

By the Google Toolbar I instaled on my Internet explorer. See http://toolbar.google.com/ Joao

Ah, thanks. Just curious -- how does Bomis rank, and Nupedia? If you don't mind. If you don't have time or whatever, don't worry, I'll just have to look into this tomorrow. I only have an iMac here at home. (A pink iMac, no less.) --Jimbo Wales

PageRanks? of some importante pages:

thats because www.amazon.com redirects to a diferent adress everytime you go there. That address ha a low PageRank, but the address http://www.amazon.com/ may have a high one.

Please don't refer to it as the Gutenberg Encyclopedia: this is contrary to their own guidelines for us. It's OK if we use it without mentioning it by name. Yes, this sounds strange, but it's the conclusion we came to.

Does anyone know where we arrived at this conclusion? --LMS

I'm going o change that. Thanks.

old encyclopedia 1911

Joao, can you please take a look at entry for Brasilia? Thanks.

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