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Beloved by children, revered by Jews, Christians, and many others, Bible stories have long had a place in family religious worship, spiritual instruction, literature, and the cultural underpinnings of many societies. In many Christian churches, they are regular ingredients of Sunday School curricula. The underlying spiritual principles in many of these stories are being used in preaching and teaching for adults as well. The Tanakh (Old Testament for Christians) contains among others stories about the creation and fall of mankind, the covenant God established with Abraham, and the history of the 'Chosen People' of Israel. The New Testament in the Christian Bible contains stories about the life of Jesus Christ, the parables he told, and about the first period of apostolic activities.

Bible stories include:

Old Testament stories

New Testament stories

Parables told by Jesus

Acts of the Apostles

There are related stories, which some people would not include in a list of Bible stories, that derive from the various Apocrypha:


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