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Josh Grosse is a student of pure mathematics with a distinct over-abundance of spare time. He figured that it wouldn't hurt, therefore, to spend some of it just randomly smashing things he knows into Wikipedia. Interests include maths, sciences, and histories.

Things I contributed to, which I am very happy about:

Also, I have taken some amateur photos of microscopic animals. Unfortunately it is very hard to focus, and I don't have pictures of most things I've seen. But a couple are pretty good and could be used here, since we encourage amateurs, until something better comes along (and don't mind replacing them). Right now there is one on Rotifera and one on Spirotrichea; a few other can be seen at [this page].

Please put new conversation below. Older conversation will be moved to /Dicta.

Hi Josh,

Negative dates are not ruled out by lack of zero: the astronomical variant of the calendar can be used, see Proleptic Gregorian Calendar.

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