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A mythical entity, rather like the UsenetCabal (TINC) and other such PatentNonsense. They decree what can and cannot be put on this WikiWiki, and probably reserve the right to summarily consign anything they see fit to 'BadJokesAndOtherDeletedNonsense', or even destroy it completely. Such an organisation would destroy the whole democratic, co-operative spirit of a WikiWiki. (It would also stop idiots trashing things and so forth, but normal editors can put this right with decent diff functionality.)
Anyone can put stuff onto BadJokesAndOtherDeletedNonsense, and anyone can take it from that page. There are no wiki "editors." By the very nature of a wiki, there can't be a "WikiSupremeCourt"--just a lot of concerned citizens, most of whom want to see actual useful content on this particular wiki. That's why they do make use of that page o' censorship. If you don't like it, find another wiki! -- LarrySanger

In short, this organization is far from mythical. In fact, I would estimate that over 99% of WikiPedians belong to it. -JG

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