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Contributer to both Nupedia and Wikipedia. I love math and computer science - can you say Geek? I live in the beautiful state of MichigaN, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else - ice, snow and all. I'm a bit of bookworm - I read and write (surprise!) ScienceFiction and FantasY?, as well as AutoBiographies? of interesting individuals. I also love MythologY? (Greek, Hindu, and Icelandic).

In real life I am a programmer - mostly in Java and C++, but I've seen it all (everything from Snobol to LISP to Pascal to Fortran). I have a bachelor's degree in ComputerScience? and a Masters degree in MathematicS? that I got more or less because I thought it would be fun. I got interested in SetTheory and NumberTheory? there and have been blessed to work with some incredibly good people in that field.

I used to work in the Automotive industry, but now I work in the Telecom industry (in MichigaN?!!!?) and develop software that is used by ISPs to provision ATM switches, routers, and various other equipment and man is it a lot of fun!

I am also a ChristiaN?, and belong to the FreeMethodist? church - which is similar to the MethodisT? church, but more EvangelicaL?. If that means nothing to you, don't worry, it means nothing to me either. I tend to think along the lines of CSLewis in MereChristianity? and see our likenesses more than our differences.

Finally, I am a family man (hey, I'm in the midwest, remember?) and have a beautiful wife of 12 years and 3 kids (all boys, all 7yrs and younger). The most I can hope for is that I give them the same hunger for knowledge and love of God that was given to me in my youth.

Hey, Ravi, I noticed you were pulling in some of the genesis chapters. Are you planning on doing this to the whole bible? After all, it's really big, and it might be better to just refer people to an on-line translation. Btw, which translation are you using? -- JoshuaGrosse
I, too, was wondering which version this was. Personally, I think it's cool. Wouldn't it be wild if we could read the entire bible, koran, whatever in an encyclopedia? Finally the brevity with which encylopedias address subject matter would no longer be dictated by space considerations. I once postulated a educational model for a search engine of reference sources, which would be cross-referenced in "trees" both alphabetically and by subject. You could look up "sloth" under "S" or arrive at it by going to Science/Biology?/Taxonomy?/Animalia?/Mammalia? and whatever. Same with Harper's Ferry. Look it up under the alphabet to go to History/American?/Civil? War/John? Brown or Civil War/Battles?, etc. WikiPedia has a potential to do something very much like this. As we are not limited by physical space, we don't have to say "you can't put that here. It's too big."

I tend to agree, but I do wonder where we might want to draw the line (if at all). I posted in the UnitedStatesConstitution and the JapanConstitution, just on the theory that it is free and that it is useful background information.

Similarly for the Bible, I suppose. Especially if we wikify it. So when you see a character like AdaM? or JesusChrist?, you can just click to read who that person is. You could weave in and out of the text and public commentary on the text.

But what about the full text of MobyDick? Does that belong here? I'm less convinced. It might be more useful to simply point to an un-wiki copy, because permitting people to wikify that text is probably fairly pointless.

Still... this is such an exciting experiment, I'd like to see us play with everything! :-)

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