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Pig Latin is a silly "language" that can be created from, i.e., based on, any other language (but we would like to know if it is widely based on languages other than English) as follows: Is-thay is-way an-way example-way of-way Ig-pay Atin-lay. As-way ou-yay an-cay ee-say, its-way upid-stay, ut-bay ots-lay of-way un-fay or-fay ildren-chay. --ArrylayAngersay
Ice-nay escription-day, Octor-day Anger-say!!! Ig-pay Atin-lay is-way un-fay or-fay ome-say adults-ay. Ou-yay eem-say ite-quay uent-flay, I-way otice-nay.--OseRayArksPay?--
Question: is PigLatin primarily a phenomenon of children in English speaking countries, or are the same rules followed by children of other countries?

watashi wa nihongo no gakusei desu.
"I am a Japanese language student"

In Japanese language, I believe that the syllable is more of a fundamental unit that 'consonant' or 'vowel'. (Japanese characters, hiragana and katakana, form a syllabary rather than an alphabet.) So little kids in Japan would probably follow a different set of rules to create their own mock language.

I hope someone knows about this. I never thought of it before, and now I'm really interested.

I know nothing of this, but if I were a Japanese child, I would say your sentence something like;

Takushi-watsu wa-watsu hongo-nitsu notsu kusei-gatsu su-detsu...:-). Just guessing. But, yes, Japanese is SyllableCentric?...ouch!!! For JimmyWales (Mi-Jitsu Rezu-watsu san)-- from RoseParks (se-rotsu ruzu-patsu san)

I will ask my Japanese teacher (nihongo no sensei) next week. I don't have class until Wednesday, due to the holiday on Monday. Hopefully I won't forget, but someone can please remind me. I can also ask my Japanese mother-in-law.

On equivalents of PigLatin in other countries there is FrenchLanguage LouchebeM? and JavanaiS? (the former an adult language and the latter used by adults and children in different contexts and periods with many variants).

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