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Vitamin C can be used to manufacture iron? What is this, cold nucleosynthesis? or something? Get Pons and Fleischman on the phone!


The use of lemons and limes to prevent scurvy dates back hundreds of years - and the use of spruce leaves even further. They just didn't know the chemical name for vitamin c.

Why isn't this on Vitamin C? And why is the name, "Vitamin C," put in bold each time it is used? --LMS

Should Vitamin C redirect to Ascorbic Acid or Ascorbic Acid redirect to Vitamin C ? I think Ascorbic Acid should be main, and Vitamin C redirect, but I made it (maybe temportarily) the other way not to make too much mess. -- Taw

Neither. "Ascorbic acid" should be an article that describes the chemical itself, briefly mentioning the fact that it is also a human nutrient known as "Vitamin C" (with a link). The "Vitamin C" article should emphasize the history of its discovery as a nutrient that prevented scurvy, and that it was later discovered to be the chemical "Ascorbic acid" (with a link). --LDC

What ? That's plain absurd from biochemical p.o.v. Ascorbic Acid is a Vitamin due and only due to its chemical properties. And you can't describe vitamin in a way that would satisfy a chemician w/o refering to biochemical reactions it is required for. --Taw

You misunderstand my point. The word "vitamin" implies a relationship to human health; the term was used for chemicals whose composition was unknown, but whose effects were. Any article using the word in its title should be from the human-health point of view. "Ascorbic acid" itself, from a purely chemical point of view, is just a chemical with properties all its own independent of humans. We discovered at some point that Vitamin C was in fact ascorbic acid, but that doesn't mean we should forget all the science that was known about both before we knew that they were the same thing. Let's not ignore the history of scientific discovery by assuming that we always knew things that we happen to know now. --LDC

Why is ascorbic acid capitalized?

Isn't Vitamin C also a pop musical group ? ~BF
Not a pop group, but rather the stage name of a solo artist, Colleen Fitzpatrick. -- Paul Drye
If anything, Vitamin C should redirect into ascorbic acid, because ascorbic acid is more general. Otherwise they should be kept as separate entries. This is one of the unresolved issues of Wikipedia philosophy--should we merge related topics into one page, or have separate entries which link to each other? How closely do they have to be related or subordinate in meaning to merit merging? (Anarchy/anarchism is another good example.)

In this case, if we prefer merging, then Vitamin C should merge into Ascorbic acid, and its info would go under a subhead of something like Ascorbic acid as a vitamin. --TheCunctator

Have a look at [[1]]. --Magnus Manske

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