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I took my user name from the German verb for lost, though only because I was stuck for a login one day and this word came to mind. I'm a Brit in the US, so will be looking at cross-cultural items with particular interest.

Cheers, Paul Harris
St Louis Park, MN


Nice work on Minnesota, Paul. --trimalchio
Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity in labarum - hope this is clearer! --MichaelTinkler
You flatter me... I love you...I love you all! -- Verloren
Hey Verloren -- I thought (because my Londoner husband has pounded into my head) that Cockneys really are only in a specific part of the East End, i.e., within hearing distance of the Bells of Bow(e) (sp?) JHK

JHK - you're right (though I believe the common term is Bow bells). I don't know if that's an 'official' definition because Cockney isn't necessarily an 'official' designation.

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