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Innocent XIII, Michael Angelo Conti, pope from 1721 to 1724, was born in 1655, and became cardinal under Clement XI in 1706. From 1697 to 1710 he acted as papal nuncio to the kingdom of Portugal, where he is believed to have formed those unfavourable impressions of the Jesuits which afterwards influenced his conduct towards them. In 1721 his high reputation for ability, learning, purity, and a kindly disposition secured his election to succeed Clement XI. His pontificate was prosperous, but comapratively uneventful.

He prohibited the Jesuits from prosecuting their mission in China, and ordered that no new members should be received into the order. This indication of his sympathies encouraged some French bishops to approach him with a petition for the recall of the bull "Unigenitus" by which Jansenism? had been condemned; the request, howver, was peremptorily denied.

Innocent XII, like his predecessor showed much favour to the English Pretender "[James III]?", and liberally supported him. He died March 7, 1724, and was succeeded by Benedict XIII

Original text from the 9th edition (1880) of an unnamed encyclopedia

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