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About myself:

Did a chemistry degree long enough ago that I've forgotten almost all of it. Read far too much science fiction and fantasy. Have an ever growing collection of obsolete home computers filling a back bedroom.

Web page: http://med441.bham.ac.uk/index.html

Welcome, Malcolm!

Interesting work on the utopia/dystopia/H.G. Wells stuff!

--Larry Sanger

Yes, I've got stacks of these sort of books lying around, now I have to go and reread them (and read for the first time the Edward Bellamy book that's been on my shelf for some years, too!)

Hi Malcolm,

Very nifty program you've got there. Perhaps you could just completely replace new topics with the results of your program? Take charge, please! :-)


Malcolm- I have come up with a little Unix shell script using lynx -post_data to post articles. I'm using it for posting the 1911 encyclopedia articles. You could adapt it to autopost the new topics stuff. e-mail me if you are interested. --Alan Millar
Thanks for the 10,000 article announcement, Malcolm. Woo-hoo! --LMS
You keep typing (or scanning, or whatever!) and I'll keep editing, Malcolm. Popes, antipopes and related articles alone ought to count for a thousand fairly soon! --MichaelTinkler
Unfortunately I was rewriting Telstar at the same time as you and I placed my version over yours. Please take a look.

-- It's fine: much more detail than I had!

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