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Pope Benedict XIII Two men have used this title:

1. Pedro de Luna, antipope, a Spaniard, who was chosen by the French cardinals on the death of Clement VII in 1394. On the death of Urban V in 1389 the Italian cardinals had chosen Boniface IX; the election of Benedict therefore perpetuated the Great Schism. The greater portion of the church refused to recognze him, and in 1397 the French church, which had supported him, withdrew from allegiance to both popes, and in 1398 Benedict was imprisoned in his own palace at Avignon?. The [Council of Constance]? brought this state of matters to an end. Benedict abdicated in 1417, but was recognised by Scotland and Spain until his death in 1424.

2. Benedict XIII,, pope (1724-1730). Born Vincenzo Marco Orsini, he succeeded Innocent XIII in 1724. He at first called himself Benedict XIV, but afterwards altered the title. He was a reforming pope and endeavoured to put down the luxury of the Italian priesthood and of the cardinalate. He was a member of the great Orsini family of Rome.

preceded by Pope Innocent XIII (1721-1724)
succeeded by Pope Clement XII (1730-1740)

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