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An orange is the fruit of an orange tree, of the genus Citrus?, especially Citrus sinensis and Citrus aurantium. It has a sweet-sour taste and is commonly peeled and eaten fresh, or squeezed for its juice. It has a thick bitter rind that is usually discarded, but can be used in cooking. The outer-most layer of the rind is called orange zest, and it has a similar flavor to the inner part of the orange. The white part of the rind is almost always discarded. Orange cultivation is a major business, and an important part of the economies of (among others) the US states of Florida and California, many Mediterranean countries, and South Africa.

Navel oranges are famous for being seedless and juicy. They are named after a secondary fruit at the apex of the fruit which looks like the human navel. They are almost always eaten fresh, rather than being used for juice.

The Valencia orange is one of the sweet oranges used for juice extraction. It is a late-season fruit which is harvested between March and June. It is a popular variety of orange when the navel oranges are out of season.

Orange juice is one of the commodities traded on the New York commodities market.

Orange oil is used in surface conditioning of wood furniture, and (along with other citrus oils) in grease removal and as a hand cleansing agent.

See also: Tangerine?, [Mandarin Orange]?, Kumquat

The color orange occurs between red and yellow in the visible spectrum at a wavelength of about 620-585 nanometres. It is the colour of the fruit. If your browser supports colour display, the following patch should be orange:


Previously named Rabbit, Orange is a major UK telecommunications company, initially a division of Hutchinson Whampoa.

Orange is a city in the south of France.

Orange County is one of the more affluent area in Southern California, USA.
See also: Agent Orange, House of Orange, William of Orange

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