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Red is a color at the lowest frequencies of light discernable by the human eye. Red light has a wavelength of roughly 700 nm.

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Lower frequencies are called infrared, or far red.

Usage, symbolism, colloquial expressions

In most if not all human languages, "red" is the first color name developed after "black" and "white." Red catches people's attention, and is often seen as a sign of danger: it is thus used for warning signs. The color red is often used to denote anger as in seeing red. The color of blood led red to be associated with the god of war, Mars, and the reddish planet became named for him. The identification of communism as red (since red was the primary color of the flag of the USSR) led to such Cold War phrases as "Red China" (distinguished from [Nationalist China]? or Taiwan) and "the Red Menace."


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