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A lake is a large body of water, surrounded by land, and not directly connected to the ocean. Most lakes have fresh water, but some that do not have outflowing rivers have salt water, such as the Dead Sea and the [Great Salt Lake]?. The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea, the deepest is [Lake Baikal]? in Siberia?. The term lake is also used to describe bodies such as Lake Eyre which are dry most of the time but become filled under seasonal conditions of heavy rain.

A list of lakes in the world include: [Crater Lake]?, [Great Bear Lake]?, [Great Salt Lake]?, [Great Slave Lake]?, [Lake Albert (Mobutu-Sese-Seko)]?, [Lake Chad]?, [Lake Baringo]?, [Lake Edward]?, Lake Erie, Lake Eyre, Lake Kickapoo, [Lake Kivu]?, [Lake Kyoga]?, Lake Ladoga, [Lake Magadi]? Lake Michigan [Lake Nakuru]?, [Lake Naivasha]? [Lake Nyasa (Malawi)]? Lake Ontario, Roxen, [Lake Rukwa]?, Lake Superior, Lake T'ana, [Lake Tanganyika]?, [Lake Turkana (Rudolf)]?, Vänern, Vättern, [Lake Victoria]?, [Lake Winnipeg]?

See also Physical geography.

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