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I'm kragen@pobox.com; my home page is at http://pobox.com/~kragen/

I tend to edit computer science articles a lot; I've been working on algorithm lately. (See /Edited pages.)

I really like Wikipedia. I've written a bunch of computer-science articles for it. But I'm unhappy that I can't download a recent tarball of Wikipedia content for my laptop; the tarballs (http://wikipedia.com/tarballs/) seem to date from August, more than two months ago.

I'm worried about the stuff The Cunctator brings up about the GFDL, although I wish he would be more polite about it.

Welcome aboard Kragen. We'll probably find common ground as I'm also interested in computer science. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as we do! --Seb

Yes, welcome, Kragen! I think you have very little reason to be worried, and I'd like to urge you please to join Wikipedia-L where the relevant issues have been discussed (in many cases, by heads cooler and more mature than The Cunctator's) and will be discussed fairly reasonably and amicably. --LMS

Thanks. I've been reading the [Wikipedia-L archives] and considering joining. -- Kragen

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