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Larry Olin Horn, hornlo(at)lohnet.org

Moved "Talk" to /Talk. --2001-08-13


Tired of having RecentChanges display entries you've already seen when you reopen it? Just before you close the RC page (say, before logging out to do some real life stuff) just drag the List new changes starting from into the Windows Quick Launch toolbar. Next time you're ready to visit Wikipedia, the RC area is just one click away, and will only show entries since the last time you visited. This is for Windows 98/IE 5; similar features may be available for other configurations. --2001-08-13

I installed UseModWiki (0.92) on my old Win98 laptop a few days ago to implement a little project I'd had in mind for a long time, but never could get around to coding. It only took about five minutes to configure and set up a style sheet. Works great for ad hoc notes and reference material, too. You'll need to get the Windows version of the [Apache] web server and Active State's Perl if you don't already have them. For that matter, get Perl anyway, along with Cygwin or DJGPP. --2001-06-09


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