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Features of Wikipedia software (currently UseModWiki software; will be Wikipedia PHP script) that somebody would like to see, someday (but distinguish feature requests from Wikipedia bugs and be sure to place your request appropriately):

Don't know where to put this request:

Could somebody add file date and size to the [tarballs]? --Vulture

 And updating the tarballs would be very nice.

What powers Wikipedia-L? Would wikipedia be interested in purchasing (ouch! not the 'p' word!) the ability to use my lyris mailing list server? My server can handle lists in excess of 250, 000 members. Since, I'm so in love with the concept of Wikipedia, i'd be willing to administer a 10, 000 member or less list, for free, so long as once the list gets larger than 10, 000 subscribers, monthly payments would need to be made. Lemmie know...

dmarien www.dmarien.com

No, we wouldn't. We're very happy with our own (free) mailing list server. --LMS
This could fit under more than one of the catergories: When you do a "Random Page" search, a lot of /Talk? pages randomly show up. These aren't what I'm looking for when I do a Random Page - I could get to any /Talk? page from its article, and by themselves, /Talk? pages aren't very useful :). I would like a way to take /Talk? pages out of the search (without removing all subpages). --Dreamyshade

Dreamyshade -- done! I also pseudo-optimized the algorithm so it should run a lot faster now. --Jimbo Wales

yay! thanks so much!

ok, I just tried it, and I got Domino effect/talk :) It's probably just a unique problem...but funny that it was the first thing to pop up! --dreamyshade

There shouldn't be any /talk pages in the first place. --Taw

there are a few redirected ones (as in above)

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