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AKA harp girl, Brittomart, and sometimes Britta

I'm a high school freshman who lives in Los Angeles. I like classical music and reading good books, and lots of other happyful things. I will be mostly reading and editing articles, and writing a few when I feel like it.

random sillinesses: mr. amoeba man, purple monkey dishwasher, furry pickles, eekymeekysheeky, green moon pie, ralph the wonder llama, seribamog, alma mater ice hut, sparkly tuning keys, evil kh1pmuk, ta&to/eti, cowstory.

I wrote initial entries for Harp, Glissando, Zarzuela, Bisbligliando, Lyon and Healy, Neapolitan Ice Cream, Pablo Neruda, Neopets...

Welcome to Wikipedia! I don't remember writing that well when I was in high school! --LMS

good editors help so much :) thanks -dreamyshade

Yes, welcome. I read your harp article; nice job! --STG

it's still in progress: links to come! -dreamyshade

Dreamy - hahaha, you beat me to it - chrz Manning

thanks, Dreamyshade! ;) --AV
+1 on harp and your other harp articles --Damian Yerrick

(what's a +1? see everything2)

Nice edit on Moonies definition, couldn't have said it better myself! And excellent work on [Boy Bands]?: incisive, yet comprehensive. Are you sure you're only in high school? :-) --Ed Poor

yes I certainly am! :) some of us were addicted at a young age - makes it harder to quit, you know... I think Jzcool is in high school too.

Yes he is, but that is where the comparison ends... :-) MMGB

just let him find a place in Wikipedia, you'll see (I think) - dreamyshade

Hey Dreamy, nice work on tidying up Electric guitar - I was going to do it myself, but it seems to be in quite capable hands already :) Cheers - MMGB

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