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aarmory An aarmory of aardvarks Spurious
abomination An abomination of monks (see note) Spurious
agenda An agenda of tasks?
ambush An ambush of widows? Spurious
ambush An ambush of tigers
anthology An anthology of prostitutes (see note) Spurious
anthology An anthology of prose?
archipelago An archipelago of islands
armada An armada of ships
army An army of ants
army An army of caterpillars?
army An army of frogs?
ascension An ascension of larks?
asylum An asylum of programmers Spurious
audit An audit of bookkeepers?
aurora An aurora of polar bears
babble A babble of barbers? Spurious
balance A balance of accountants? Uncertain
bale A bale of turtles?
band A band of jays?
band A band of men
band A band of gorillas
bank A bank of monitors
bank A bank of swans?
banner A banner of knights
barren A barren of mules?
bask A bask of crocodiles?
batch A batch of bread?
bavin A bavin of [brush (wood)]?
bazaar A bazaar of guillemots?
bed A bed of snakes?
bed A bed of clams?
bed A bed of oysters?
bellowing A bellowing of bullfinches?
belt A belt of asteroids
bench A bench of show dogs Uncertain
bevy A bevy of roes?
bevy A bevy of beauties
bevy A bevy of quail
bevy A bevy of swans?
bevy A bevy of ladies?
bew A bew of partridges? Uncertain
bind A bind of salmon?
bite A bite of midges? Uncertain
blast A blast of strumpets? Spurious
blessing A blessing of unicorns?
bloat A bloat of bureaucrats? Spurious
bloat A bloat of hippopotami? Uncertain
body A body of pathologists? Spurious
bond A bond of [secret agents]? Spurious
book A book of wagers?
bouquet A bouquet of pheasants?
bouquet A bouquet of flowers?
brace A brace of orthodontists? Spurious
brigade A brigade of soldiers?
brood A brood of hens?
building A building of rooks?
bunch A bunch of things?
bunch A bunch of grapes
bury A bury of rabbits?
bury A bury of conies?
business A business of flies?
business A business of ferrets?
cache A cache of jewels?
cast A cast of actors
cast A cast of falcons?
cast A cast of hawks?
catalogue A catalogue of librarians Spurious
cavalcade A cavalcade of horsemen
cete A cete of badgers?
chain A chain of islands
charm A charm of hummingbirds?
charm A charm of finches?
chattering A chattering of choughs?
chine A chine of polecats?
chorus A chorus of angels
clamour A clamour of rooks?
clan A clan of hyenas
class A class of students?
clattering A clattering of choughs?
clew A clew of worms Uncertain
cloud A cloud of grasshoppers?
cloud A cloud of gnats?
cloud A cloud of [sea fowl]?
clout A clout of gnats? Uncertain
clowder A clowder of cats
cluster A cluster of spiders?
cluster A cluster of cats
cluster A cluster of grasshoppers?
clutch A clutch of mechanics? Spurious
clutch A clutch of eggs?
clutch A clutch of chicks?
clutter A clutter of cats
clutter A clutter of spiders?
coil A coil of widgeon?
collective A collective of nouns?
colony A colony of ants
colony A colony of bats
colony A colony of beavers
colony A colony of gulls?
colony A colony of penguins
colony A colony of rats?
colony A colony of lepers?
colony A colony of rabbits?
company A company of actors
company A company of moles
company A company of parrots?
company A company of soldiers?
complex A complex of psychoanalysts Spurious
conflagration A conflagration of arsonists?
conglomerate A conglomerate of geologists Spurious
congregation A congregation of worshipers?
congregation A congregation of plovers?
congress A congress of baboons?
conspiracy A conspiracy of ravens
constellation A constellation of satellites
converting A converting of preachers?
convocation A convocation of eagles?
convoy A convoy of lorries?
convoy A convoy of trucks?
corps A corps of giraffe
corps A corps of anatomists Spurious
cortege A cortege of mourners
court A court of kangaroos (see note) Spurious
coven A coven of witches
cover A cover of coots?
covey A covey of partridges?
covey A covey of pheasants?
covey A covey of quail
covey A covey of grouse?
cowardice A cowardice of curs?
crash A crash of rhinoceroses?
crash A crash of hippopotami?
creche A creche of penguins
crew A crew of sailors
crowd A crowd of onlookers?
cruft A cruft of hackers Spurious
cry A cry of hounds?
cry A cry of hounds
culture A culture of bacteria
deceit A deceit of lapwings?
deck A deck of cards?
den A den of thieves?
den A den of snakes?
descent A descent of woodpeckers?
descent A descent of relatives? Spurious
desert A desert of lapwings?
destruction A destruction of cats (feral or wild)
dilation A dilation of pupils Spurious
disguising A disguising of tailors?
dissimulation A dissimulation of birds
disworship A disworship of scots?
diving A diving of teal?
division A division of soldiers?
doading A doading of sheldrakes?
doctrine A doctrine of doctors
dole A dole of doves?
donut A donut of data Spurious
dopping A dopping of [ducks (diving)]?
down A down of hares?
draught A draught of fish
dray A dray of squirrels
drift A drift of swine?
drift A drift of hogs? Uncertain
drift A drift of fish
drove A drove of pigs?
drove A drove of cattle
drum A drum of goldfinches?
drunken ship A drunken ship of cobblers
dule A dule of turtles?
dule A dule of doves?
embarassment A embarassment of riches
exaggeration An exaggeration of fishermen? Spurious
exaltation An exaltation of larks?
eyrar An eyrar of swans? Uncertain
faculty A faculty of academics?
fall A fall of lambs?
farrow A farrow of piglets?
fellowship A fellowship of yeomen?
fesnying A fesnying of ferrets?
field A field of theoretical physicists Spurious
field A field of racehorses
flange A flange of baboons?
fleet A fleet of mudhen? Uncertain
fleet A fleet of ships
flight A flight of swallows?
flight A flight of goshawks?
flight A flight of doves?
flight A flight of cormorants?
fling A fling of sandpipers?
fling A fling of dunlin?
flink A flink of cows
flock A flock of sheep?
flock A flock of tourists
flock A flock of geese?
flock A flock of camels
flock A flock of seagulls?
flotilla A flotilla of ships
flush A flush of plumbers? Spurious
flush A flush of ducks?
fluther A fluther of jellyfish?
flutter A flutter of cardiologists Spurious
fry A fry of eels? Uncertain
gaggle A gaggle of women
gaggle A gaggle of geese?
galaxy A galaxy of starlets
galaxy A galaxy of stars
gam A gam of whales
gang A gang of elk?
gang A gang of hoodlums?
gaze A gaze of raccoons?
geek A geek of engineers? Spurious
giggle A giggle of girls?
glaring A glaring of cats
glean A glean of herrings?
graft A graft of [tree surgeons]? Spurious
grind A grind of blackfish? Uncertain
grist A grist of bees
grove A grove of trees
gulp A gulp of swallows? Spurious
hangout A hangout of nudists Spurious
harass A harass of horses
head A head of curlews?
heap A heap of trash?
heard A heard of harlots
herd A herd of fairies?
herd A herd of cattle
herd A herd of elephants
herd A herd of zebra
herd A herd of cows
herd A herd of chamois?
herd A herd of walruses
herd A herd of pigs?
herd A herd of deer?
herd A herd of antelope?
herd A herd of whales
herd A herd of buffalo
hill A hill of beans
hill A hill of ruffs?
hive A hive of bees
horde A horde of misers? Spurious
horde A horde of gnats?
host A host of sparrows?
host A host of angels
house A house of senators?
hover A hover of trout?
hover A hover of crows?
huddle A huddle of lawyers
huddle A huddle of penguins
husk A husk of hares?
illusion An illusion of painters
indifference An indifference of waiters? Spurious
intrusion An intrusion of cockroaches? Uncertain
kaleidoscope A kaleidoscope of butterflies? Uncertain
kettle A kettle of hawks?
kindle A kindle of kittens (cats)
kine A kine of cattle
kit A kit of pigeons? Uncertain
knob A knob of waterfowl? Uncertain
knot A knot of toads?
labour A labour of moles
lap A lap of cod? Uncertain
leap A leap of hares?
leap A leap of leopards?
leash A leash of deer?
leash A leash of foxes
lek A lek of grouse? Uncertain
library A library of books
litter A litter of piglets?
litter A litter of puppies
lodge A lodge of beavers
loft A loft of pigeons?
lot A lot of automobile dealers Spurious
lounge A lounge of lizards Spurious
lute A lute of mallards? Uncertain
melody A melody of harpers?
mews A mews of capons?
mine A mine of toddlers? Spurious
mischief A mischief of mice
mission A mission of monkeys?
mite A mite of mites? Uncertain
mob A mob of kangaroos
movement A movement of moles
multiply A multiply of husbands?
murder A murder of crows?
murmuration A murmuration of starlings?
muster A muster of storks?
muster A muster of peacocks?
mutation A mutation of thrushes?
mute A mute of hounds?
nest A nest of mice
nest A nest of rabbits?
nest A nest of vipers?
nest A nest of snakes?
network A network of computers
neverthriving A neverthriving of jugglers?
newton A newton of figs? Spurious
nide A nide of geese?
nucleus A nucleus of physicists Spurious
number A number of mathematicians
nye A nye of pheasants?
obesiance An obesiance of servants?
obstinacy An obstinacy of buffalo
ostentation An ostentation of peacocks?
pace A pace of asses?
pack A pack of hounds?
pack A pack of rats?
pack A pack of wolves
pack A pack of grouse?
paddling A paddling of [ducks (on water)]?
pan A pan of critics? Spurious
pandemonium A pandemonium of parrots? Uncertain
pandemonium A pandemonium of pandas Spurious
panel A panel of experts
parade A parade of elephants
parcel A parcel of hogs?
parcel A parcel of deer?
parcel A parcel of penguins Uncertain
parel A parel of troops?
parliament A parliament of owls?
party A party of jays?
passel A passel of hogs?
passel A passel of possum? Uncertain
patch A patch of flowers?
peep A peep of chickens?
phalanx A phalanx of storks? Uncertain
pit A pit of snakes?
piteousness A piteousness of doves?
pitying A pitying of turtledoves?
pitying A pitying of doves?
plague A plague of locusts?
platoon A platoon of soldiers?
plum A plum of seals Uncertain
plump A plump of waterfowl?
plump A plump of [ducks (flying)]?
pod A pod of whales
pod A pod of seals
pod A pod of dolphins?
pomp A pomp of pekinese?
ponder A ponder of philosophers
pontifica A pontifica of prelates?
portfolio A portfolio of stockbrokers? Spurious
pounce A pounce of cats
poverty A poverty of pipers?
prettying A prettying of doves?
prickle A prickle of hedgehogs?
pride A pride of peacocks?
pride A pride of lions?
prudence A prudence of [vicaries (vicars)]?
purse A purse of winnings
quarrel A quarrel of sparrows?
quiver A quiver of rebuttals
quiver A quiver of arrows?
rabble A rabble of butterflies? Uncertain
rabble A rabble of rats?
raffle A raffle of turkeys
raft A raft of coots?
raft A raft of auks? Uncertain
raft A raft of ducks?
rafter A rafter of turkeys
rag A rag of colts
rainbow A rainbow of butterflies?
rake A rake of colts
Rake A Rake of mules?
range A range of mountains?
rascal A rascal of boys?
riches A riches of matrons?
richness A richness of martens?
ring A ring of keys?
roll A roll of coins?
rookery A rookery of penguins Spurious
rouleau A rouleau of coins?
rout A rout of wolves
rout A rout of snails?
rout A rout of wolves
rout A rout of knights
run A run of salmon?
run A run of poultry?
sault A sault of lions?
scale A scale of fish
school A school of whales
school A school of fish
scold A scold of jays? Uncertain
scourge A scourge of mosquitoes?
screech A screech of gulls?
scull A scull of friars?
sedge A sedge of bitterns?
sedge A sedge of cranes?
set A set of mathematicians
shoal A shoal of fish
shower A shower of meteorologists Spurious
shrewdness A shrewdness of apes
shuffle A shuffle of bureaucrats?
siege A siege of bitterns?
siege A siege of herons?
singular A singular of boars?
skein A skein of geese?
skulk A skulk of foxes
slew A slew of homework?
slither A slither of snakes?
sloth A sloth of bears
smack A smack of jellyfish?
sneak A sneak of weasels?
sord A sord of mallards?
sounder A sounder of pigs?
sounder A sounder of swine?
sounder A sounder of boars?
sowse A sowse of lions?
span A span of oxen?
spring A spring of seals
spring A spring of teal?
squad A squad of soldiers?
stable A stable of horses
staff A staff of employees?
stand A stand of flamingoes?
stand A stand of trees
stare A stare of owls?
state A state of princes?
storytelling A storytelling of crows?
streak A streak of tigers
string A string of ponies
stud A stud of mares
superfluity A superfluity of nuns?
swarm A swarm of ants
swarm A swarm of bees
swarm A swarm of flies?
swarm A swarm of rats?
swarm A swarm of eels?
team A team of horses
team A team of athletes?
team A team of oxen?
team A team of ducks?
thicket A thicket of trees
thicket A thicket of idiots Spurious
thought A thought of barons?
threatening A threatening of courtiers?
tiding(s) A tiding(s) of magpies?
tower A tower of giraffes Uncertain
trace A trace of hares?
trembing A trembing of finches?
tribe A tribe of monkeys?
tribe A tribe of goats?
tribe A tribe of natives?
trimming A trimming of finches?
trip A trip of sheep?
trip A trip of dotterel?
trip A trip of hares?
trip A trip of goats?
troop A troop of kangaroos
troubling A troubling of goldfinches?
troupe A troupe of performers?
tumult A tumult of tubas (players) Spurious
turmoil A turmoil of porpoises? Uncertain
turn A turn of turtles?
ubiquity A ubiquity of sparrows?
ugly An ugly of walruses
unkindness An unkindness of ravens
vagary A vagary of impediments?
volery A volery of birds
wad A wad of money
wake A wake of buzzards
walk A walk of snipe?
watch A watch of nightingales?
wealth A wealth of information
wedge A wedge of [geese (flying)]?
wedge A wedge of [swans (flying)]?
whiteness A whiteness of swans?
wing A wing of aircraft
wisdom A wisdom of grandparents?
wisp A wisp of snipe?
woop A woop of gorillas
wrack A wrack of [kittens (rabbits)]?
yoke A yoke of oxen?
zeal A zeal of zebra

The phrase "An abomination of monks" is frequently cited as a legitimate collective noun for monks. It is actually a misinterpretation of the title of a protestant treatise written by Jan Hus around 1400.

An "anthology of prostitutes" is a pun on "anthology of prose", as "pro" is a common contraction for prostitute in Britain and elsewhere.

The phrase "A court of kangaroos" is frequently thought to be legitimate, given the (quite unrelated) expression "a kangaroo court". There is no known evidence of its legitimacy as a collective noun, however.

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