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Gotta watch the nomenclature for rulers. See the Roman Emperors list for pointers.
ok -- I'm a relative newbie, but could we please have some consistency here?
  1. In the English Language version of the Wikipedia, could the entries be in English (e.g., Bohemia and Bohemians) rather than German -- with the exception of Latin terms, of course, since all of us historians know the correct term in Latin, or should.
  2. Is there a naming protocol for Romans? I think we should use the most complete name possible, except where there is no question, or where there is a more conventional name, like Livy for Titus Livius.
  3. If you are going to contribute entire articles that consist entirely of information that opens up huge cans of worms, would you please log in, so that people can discuss WHY you've chosen to write what you have (this would make me feel a lot better before editing) -- I will even discuss questions in German, if I have to!

Thanks -- just trying to get a grip on the "rules" here!

J Hofmann Kemp

On nomenclature. Larry will tell you that we use the MOST COMMON form. See Rudy Giuliani. That isn't always easy to determine. The Saint entries are swinging back and forth - should 'Saint' be part of the entry title or not? On Popes, we settled on Pope + Name + Number as the official nomenclature. You'll notice that most monarchs have their country: Henry I of England. It's not entirely consistent, consistent with the nature of wikipedia, and yes, it drives us all nuts. --MichaelTinkler

Like the "despite the..." edit -- thanks! --J Hofmann Kemp

Removed following because it didn't make any sense in the context of he article as written:

In order to better hold on to their already conquered lands in Gallia, Roman emperor Caesar Augustus in 15 BC sent [Drusus Claudius]? and Tiberius Claudius to conquer Bavaria . The Romans set that land up as two Roman provinces. One of these was Rhaetia?, whose capital city was [Augusta Vindelicorum]? or modern-day Augsburg?;the other was Noricum?.

If someone wants to make it work, please feel free to put it back. JHK

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Last edited November 11, 2001 12:35 am by J Hofmann Kemp (diff)