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[Strategy game]?s: where the object is to capture or remove the other players pieces, make it impossible for the other player to move. or to control the largest area at the end of the game.

Wargames: Where strategy games are abstract, a wargame usually portrays a specific battle, war or other historical situation. The game board is usually a map of the historical location, and the pieces usually represent the actual military units involved. And wargame rules are usually far more intricate than the rules of, say, Chess, in an effort to accurately simulate the situation in question. Risk? is perhaps the most widely known wargame; some wargame aficionados would say that it is too simple to be included in the category. I often explain wargames to the uninitiated as "Risk on steroid?s".

[Track Game]?s: where the players move pieces along a track, usually a distance randomly set by the throw of dice. The winner is usually the first to reach some specific location on the board.

German-style board game

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