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1. Java (Indonesian: Jawa) is the most populated of the Indonesian islands and contains the capital Jakarta. It is located in a chain with Sumatra to the northwest and Bali to the east. To the northeast is Borneo. To the south is Christmas Island.

2. A coffee produced on the island of Java.

The term "Java" is sometimes used to mean coffee in general, particularly high quality coffee. For example coffee houses sometimes have the word "Java" in their name.

3. A software platform developed by Sun Microsystems. The Java platform has been specifically developed so that programs written for it will look and function approximately the same regardless of the device it is running on.

The Java platform is usually split into three parts:

4. A German-style board game which provides the atmosphere of the island of Java on a hexagonal board. Players build the island and score by setting up palace festivals at opportune moments. When players run out of hexes to build the island, the game is over and a final scoring phase takes place and a winner is declared. [Wolfgang Kramer]? and [Michael Kiesling]? codesigned the game and it was published simultaneously in Germany by Ravensburger? and in the United States by [Rio Grande Games]? in 2000. It won the [Deutscher SpielePreis]? 9th place 2001 and the Games Magazine Best Advanced Strategy Game 2002.

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