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I often post anonymously on Wikipedia. As far as I know, Wikipedia neither formally nor informally discourages anonymity. I'm sure I've been responsible for my share of drivel, and (I hope) for my share of insight.

I believe that what people (including myself) have to say is more important than who happens to be saying it.
(2+3=5 is true whether said by Gandhi or Hitler, 2+3=7 false likewise.) -- AnonymousCoward

Agreed. If you're the same individual whom I've been tracking as of late (on Tbc/Abraham Lincoln, for instance), rest assured that your contributions are welcomed and appreciated. Since you're anonymous, you don't have to feel obliged to take the tongue-in-cheek label of "coward" personally. :-) It's just that I like to keep the conversations straight by marking anonymous comments as such versus the comments of Wikipedians who have signed in. <>< tbc

Well, I normally try to be "pleasant and/or helpful though anonymous"".

Also, I believe that some postings have been falsely attributed. Let's keep our eyes open for the possibilities of honest misattributions as well as deliberate attempts to be annoying.

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