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In addition to the articles, various source texts have been entered in whole or in part into WikiPedia. Nobody's sure yet how far we want to go with this - whether we should only include some small pages for direct referencing, or include a wikized version of Project Gutenburg. Whatever people feel like typing in, I guess - though please don't add any copyright material. Here's what we have in the WikiBiblion so far:

Reference texts

Notes and commentaries

Btw, we need a way of distinguishing pages on something from pages that are the things themselves - for instance, a summary of how the US constitution works versus its text.

If I had to venture an opinion, I guess we should restrict ourselves to texts that might be commonly cited and useful for immediate reference. For example, a discussion of the US constitution is probably much enhanced by being able to link directly to the relevant amendment. For example, in an article on GunControl?, someone surely might find it useful to link to UnitedStatesConstitution/AmendmentTwo.

The same goes for the Bible, as many articles on aspects of JudeoChristian? culture might usefully link to a chapter here and there.

But MobyDick, for example, isn't so usefully quoted, and so sticking it all in here just to be doing it seems more pointless.

But, like you said, it really just depends on what people bother to type (or cut and paste) in. :-)

Larry, I like your text but I think it belongs among the articles rather than the source texts, since I would read it to understand philosophy rather than to understand it. Similarly for the essay. TimShell's notes might not be ideal either, but I put them in because they are close to having a copy of AtlasShrugged. The idea was, though, that the things listed are special by necessary correctness and immutability, and we are studying them rather than reading them to understand something else, so they are sort of exempt from wikipedianess.
I see, but the usefulness of this page is increased by expanding its scope so as to keep a record of where massive amounts of new data are added to the wiki. This would encourage others to do the same. -- LarrySanger

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